Dealing with TMJ

Woman holding her cheek in pain

FOR THOSE OF YOU EXPERIENCING CONSTANT OR OCCASIONAL JAW AND FACIAL PAIN, our partners here at DPB can help through “neuromuscular dentistry.” Neuromuscular dentistry is a little different approach than traditional dentistry because it involves focused consideration of the muscles and nerves in and around your jaw as part of your overall oral health while traditional dentistry is

primarily concerned with the teeth, bones, and joints. You can learn more about TMJ and TMD by clicking here.

This new, more inclusive approach can help resolve painful conditions and provide you with more comfortable and longer-lasting solutions to other dental-related needs such as dentures and smile makeovers.

Your teeth, muscles, nerves, and joints all work together in the proper alignment and functioning of your jaw. If any part of this equation is overlooked, painful conditions such as TMJ and other serious dental problems can result.

Anatomy of the TMJ muscles

Our Doctors here at DPB understand that the hard and soft tissues in your jaw have a complex relationship, and it is their goal to make that relationship harmonious. If your jaw is misaligned, many physiological problems can result, including:

  • Jaw Pain
  • Headaches/migraines
  • Facial pain
  • Limited Jaw Movement
  • Back, neck, and shoulder pain
  • Sensitive and sore teeth
  • Worn or cracked teeth
  • Clicking or popping in the jaw joints
  • and others…

TMJ affects millions of people, which is why doctors and scientists work so hard to provide relief. Neuromuscular dentistry utilizes modern technologies and strategies to help place the jaw in an optimal position and relieve the symptoms associated with TMJ.

If you have any symptoms like those above, take a minute and make an appointment with one of our Dental Partners. They are happy to visit with you about the benefits of neuromuscular dentistry and how they can solve your unwanted pain.

Thank you for being our valued patient and friend.

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