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Procera® AllCeram Crowns in Boston

Today, more and more patients are asking for dental crowns that don't contain metal. Today's advanced all-ceramic crowns are much stronger than they used to be, and the aesthetic benefits are undeniable. This is why Dental Partners of Boston is one of the unique practices that offers Procera® AllCeram crowns.

How Our All-Ceramic Crowns Are Made

These crowns are made using a densely sintered ceramic material, which makes your new tooth both strong and beautiful. Once we've carefully measured the area around the site of the dental crown, we work with specialized technicians who use computer aided design and machining to provide a precise fit. These all ceramic crowns can be used for virtually all single-tooth restorations you would use any other type of crown for, both front and rear teeth. Procera crowns can:

Procera AllCeram Crowns
Procera AllCeram crowns are an unobtrusive, aesthetic restoration for weakened or damaged teeth. Find out if they're right for you!

Benefits of Procera® AllCeram Crowns

No Metalic Blotches in Your Smile - Though crowns that contain metal are very strong, they can detract from an otherwise beautiful smile. Porcelain-metal crowns can conceal some of the unnatural-looking alloys, but they typically leave a dark line around the base of your tooth. All-ceramic, or all-porcelain crowns look nearly identical to your natural teeth.

Our Ceramic Mimics Natural Enamel - The ceramic material used in Procera® AllCeram crowns is translucent, so it gives off a subtle shine like your own natural teeth do. They can also be tinted to match the shade of your teeth exactly. They are ideal to use alongside other cosmetic dental treatments.

Hypoallergenic - The ceramic used is bio-compatible and the risk of allergic reaction is minimal, which often comes into play where crowns make contact with gums.

Enhanced Durability - The advanced technology behind Procera's ceramic makes these crowns much more durable than traditional all-ceramic crowns, so they wear better and last longer.

Protective of Other Teeth - The techniques used to create Procera crowns leaves them incredibly smooth so they don't wear opposing teeth like other crowns sometimes can.

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