All About Dental Sealants

OK…WE KNOW THAT THE TOPIC OF “DENTAL SEALANTS” HARDLY SOUNDS EXCITING, and it may not be the funnest thing to talk about, but this simple and quick procedure is one of the easiest things we can do for you to help prevent cavities and tooth decay.

Our Doctors here at Dental Partners of Boston recommend that sealants be used as preventive dental care for most children. Unlike adults, children’s teeth have small depressions and grooves in them that make them harder to properly clean by mere brushing alone. Sealants offer protection to these small depressions and grooves and help keep plaque from forming in the small crevices. Even though it’s ideal to get sealants as a child, adults are also often good candidates for them.

Sealants can easily be applied during a very short visit here at our office. After we have cleaned and prepped your teeth, we will paint the sealing solution directly onto your tooth surfaces. We then use a curing light to harden the sealant and can then send you on your way—no need to wait to eat or drink. Routine dental checkups will allow us to keep tabs on your sealants and make sure they stay in good condition.

Sealants are oftentimes covered by many insurance agencies, and the procedure can last up to 10 years—meaning that one application can last from childhood well into adulthood. To see whether or not it’s the right time to get sealants for your children or yourself, feel free to ask us using our contact form. Or, send us a message on Twitter or on Facebook with your questions. We look forward to hearing from you.

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