Dental Parters of Boston is Now Offering Dental Botox Treatments

Woman smiling. Caption: Cosmetic Botox can be used in dentistry

We are announcing a new service now available at Dental Partners of Boston: Therapeutic Dental Botox! Botox has been proven as a cosmetic treatment for a wide variety of conditions. It has been tested in numerous studies by scientists under the FDA and has promising clinical applications for dentistry. It may help alleviate dental pain, as well as clamp down on TMJ and excessive jaw grinding. There are some side effects of Botox treatment in very few patients, but for the right individual, Botox treatments can do the following:

  • Alleviate jaw tension headaches.
  • Relax your lip muscles to fashion your smile.
  • Eliminate the pain from TMJ.

Oftentimes, TMJ results in excess grinding, which can be damaging to your teeth. This treatment works for selected candidates through Botox injections.  There are several benefits of using Botox for TMJ, dental pain, and teeth grinding:

  • Botox can create a layer of padding to relieve your TMJ symptoms.
  • Treatments can reduce wrinkles and lines around your mouth.
  • After a Botox treatment, you might be less likely to grind your teeth.

Botox treatment is a relatively new clinical solution for some of the dental conditions described above. It is safe and can reduce the amount of grinding that may necessitate bridges, crowns, and other dental prosthetics.

There are many conditions that Botox can be used for in clinical dental settings. Overall, Botox treatments can be used to reduce tension headaches. For example, treatments can be used to relax muscles around the mouth. This can prevent gums from showing excessively, eventually relaxing the lips. Salivary flow can also be lessened.

Finally, Botox treatment in our dental setting can result in the smoothing of lines between the cheeks and jaw lines. In addition to getting rid of headaches from jaw grinding, Botox treatment can get rid of those jowls around your cheeks. For more information, read about Botox Treatments on our website by clicking here.

The future of Botox in dental settings is now available at Dental Partners of Boston. Call or Contact Us with questions!

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