Troubleshooting Your Bad Breath

WANT FRESH BREATH? Of course you do—we all do! The team here at Dental Partners of Boston knows that bad breath is embarrassing. It can cause friends and acquaintances to pull away, and it’s a surefire way to kill a romantic situation.

How Do You Know If You Have Bad Breath?

Many people with bad breath aren’t aware of the problem. You can check yourself with this test: lick the back of your hand, wait for your saliva to dry, then check how it smells.

Troubleshooting The Causes Of Bad Breath

Have you brushed today?

Bad oral hygiene is the single most common and most easily-fixed cause of bad breath. Brush after meals, floss every day, and don’t neglect your tongue! 80% of odor-causing bacteria is hanging out there.

Have you brushed this month?

More serious oral health problems can also contribute to bad breath. So if you’ve been neglecting oral hygiene for a while, you may have gum disease, lost teeth, or an abscess, all of which will cause bad breath.

Did you eat strongly-flavored food last night?

Strong foods can linger on your breath for a long time. Mix fresh fruits and veggies in your diet to sweeten breath and scrub your mouth.

Are you feeling sick?

Colds can cause bad breath, thanks to increased mucus and postnasal drip. Drink lots of water, and get better soon.

Have you checked your meds?

Many common medications cause dry mouth, and dry mouth is a major contributor to bad breath (and cavities!) Check the labels of your medications, and talk to your doctor if dry mouth is becoming a problem.

If None Of These Factors Are Causing It…

Still not sure what’s causing your bad breath? Talk to us! We know it can be awkward, but we’re here to help, and a closer look will help us find the problem.

P.S. Did You Know…

Most people pop a breath mint when they worry about bad breath, but sugary mints just mask, and even feed, the problem! We advise you to opt for sugar-free gum and mints when you’re looking for a quick solution and don’t have time to brush.

Do you have any questions about bad breath? Let us know! And thank you for your trust and participation in our practice. We love our patients!

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