Gum Depigmentation Treatment in Boston

You have worked really hard to make your smile great. You brush and floss every day. You’ve had braces or a retainer to make them straight, whether in your youth or as an adult. Maybe you have even had your teeth professionally whitened or had some cosmetic work done. Whatever it is that you have done to make that smile shine it has likely been an investment of your time and money. But there is something about your gums that you just can’t fix. The coloring is really red or splotchy. Discolored gums can take the focus off of your pearly whites or make your mouth look strange. Fortunately this can all be resolved at Dental Partners of Boston. There is a procedure we offer called gum depigmentation treatment and it can make those discolored gums look perfect again.

Don’t Let Discolored Gums Damage Your Smile

If your gums are dark, bright red or splotchy there might be a reason why. Here are some common reasons patients experience this discoloration:

Gum Depigmentation Treatment
To even out the color of your gums, we use a gentle laser that reacts with water already present in the tissue. The result is a smooth and pink coloration!

Some of the causes of gum discoloration is due to one’s own habits. However very often it is something that occurs that’s out of your control. Whatever the cause we can help.

How Does the Treatment Work?

Gum depigmentation is an incredibly effective procedure. Dental Partners of Boston uses a gentle laser that reacts with the water already present in your gums to even out the color. Although it may sound like a painful method to let a dentist use a laser on your gums, it’s actually a relatively painless procedure. To remove dark gum pigments through a surgical method is costly and extensive. This technique is designed to be minimally invasive, quick recovery, less discomfort, and immediate in its results. At Dental Partners of Boston we are constantly striving to bring the very latest in cutting edge technology that is FDA approved. The laser is a very delicate tool that can be used for many different procedures. Our office continues to innovate with the technology available to bring you the very best oral health care experience.


This procedure offers many benefits and produces the same long-lasting results as traditional surgeries. The quick and painless procedure requires no cutting or sutures, so patients can expect to resume their normal activities immediately following the procedure. Compared to traditional surgeries that could require 4 one-hour session, our laser can often times be completed in just a single office visit plus two follow-up appointments.

What To Expect The Day Of The Procedure

After we have have determined that you are a good candidate for gum depigmentation, your gums will be check for infections, incisions, or other flaws. Next, a gentle topical anesthetic will be applied to your gums to keep you comfortable. If you have a low pain threshold we can give you a normal anesthetic shots, although most patients will not require the extra medicine. This is something you can talk over with the dentist. Next, a gentle laser will be used to quickly blast away dark patches. The treatment will take between 30 to 60 minutes, but the results will last a lifetime if you care for your teeth and gums properly. After the procedure, you may experience some gum sensitivity or a minimal amount of pain, but you should be able to speak and eat normally right after your visit.

Caring For Your Gums Following Your Treatment

Healthy habits, including brushing and flossing, can prevent any further discoloration to your gums. Good dental hygiene will help keep those gums looking as good as new if you follow a few simple steps:

You probably recognize most of those steps as the same things you do each day to prevent cavities, tooth decay and gum disease. As you take care of your teeth the health of your gums will follow.

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If you think that gum depigmentation sounds like the procedure that is right for you call or come by our office to setup an appointment today. Our professional and friendly partners are here for you to help you make the best choice possible for the care and beauty of your smile. You have worked hard to make that smile beautiful let us help by making those gums add to your smile rather than damage it. Call Dental Partners of Boston today!