Fix Your Broken Tooth with Dental Bonding

Teeth can be broken by chewing on hard candy or ice. They can also be broken in an accident or sports injury. Fortunately, dental bonding is a procedure of cosmetic dentistry that provides a quick and inexpensive solution to chips, cracks, or broken teeth. What Is Dental Bonding? Dental bonding is a cosmetic solution to […]

How Oral Health Affects Your Entire Body

Great oral health gives you a bright smile and contributes to your confidence and sense of well-being. White teeth are beautiful and while treatments like Boston teeth whitening can provide that look, the health of your smile is important, too. Did you know that there is a direct connection between your dental health and overall […]

Orthodontics: The Happy Specialty

No one really wants to wear metal braces in this day and age, and especially as an adult. They can cause distress in your mouth and a lot of discomfort, and don’t look very appealing. But yet, many of us are still wishing for a perfectly straight smile. The one that can give us a […]

What Causes Teeth Stains?

Teeth can become stained for various reasons. The main cause of teeth staining is certain food and drink, but medication and oral hygiene can also play a part as well. Some teeth stains can appear on the surface of the tooth, whereas others can appear underneath the enamel. Teeth whitening services are available here at […]

What Is A Partial Denture?

A partial denture is an option that you have if you lose one or more teeth. Whether you have teeth extracted or they are knocked out, replacing them with prosthetic teeth helps you to restore your smile. There are various options available to you, including a dental bridge or dental implants. Unlike implants and fixed […]

Dental Implants: What is a bone graft?

If you have a tooth missing or more than one tooth missing, you’re probably thinking about dental implants. That definitely makes sense because in terms of the appearance achieved when dental implants are used, there’s really nothing better. They look great and most people won’t even be able to tell that they’re implants; they’ll simply […]

Can You Be Too Old To Get Braces?

Adult orthodontics are becoming very popular, and it’s not surprising why: Adjusting your teeth as an adult can correct lifelong problems you’ve had due to crooked or improperly aligned teeth. Braces treat several orthodontic problems, like an uneven and improper bite. Because of the power of adult orthodontics, other problems can be solved like headaches. […]