Is Snoring Interrupting Your Sleep? We Can Help You Sleep Soundly Again.

IF YOU SNORE, OR HAPPEN TO LIVE WITH SOMEONE WHO DOES, you’re no stranger to interrupted sleep. Snoring most frequently leads to issues with sleep depravation (for the snorer AND anyone within hearing distance), and it can also contribute to serious health issues such as diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, and stroke.

Well, we have some good news. Snoring isn’t something you have to live with forever! There are actually quite a few solutions out there, and here at Dental Partners of Boston we happen to offer a pretty convenient one!

It is our goal to make sure all our patients are as healthy and happy as possible, which is why we solve snoring problems every day with snore guards. These convenient tools are small, flexible, comfortable, and convenient—and they don’t require hoses, batteries, masks, or anything complicated. Our snore guards closely resemble athletic mouthpieces and you don’t have to worry about anything uncomfortable like needles, X-rays, lab work, drugs, or dental tools.

If you are tired of keeping yourself or your loved ones up with your snoring, contact our practice today! It’s time to sleep soundly again, and we want nothing more than to show you how.

Has Your Jaw Been Hurting Lately? Talk To Us.

IF YOU HAVE RECENTLY BEEN DEALING WITH PAIN IN YOUR JAW or trouble opening your mouth, you may have a TMJ disorder. The good news is, this is not a rare condition, and it is something our specialized doctors can help with! It’s time for your days of jaw pain to come to an end.

“TMJ” stands for temporomandibular joints, which are the joints in front of your ears that attach your jaw to your skull. These are the joints that allow us to open and close our mouths, chew, swallow, and speak. Pretty important functions, huh!? 

Your joints, muscles, nerves, and teeth all work together to keep your jaw properly aligned and functional. When any part of this equation isn’t working properly, painful conditions such as TMJ and other serious dental problems can develop. This can be triggered by anything from a major trauma or accident, to teeth-clenching or rheumatoid arthritis. Some symptoms of TMJ disorder include migraines, facial or back pain, sensitive and sore teeth, limited jaw movement, popping in the jaw joints, etc.

Unfortunately, the list goes on and on…

There are a variety of TMJ treatment methods that all depend on your particular case and how it was caused. Some are quite conservative therapies, while other approaches are more aggressive. Speak to one of our multi-specialty dentists today. Together, we’ll work closely with you to determine the best course of treatment so that we may alleviate your pain.

If you’d like additional information about your specific condition, please make an appointment at your earliest convenience.

Why You Should Choose Dental Partners Of Boston

IT’S NO SECRET THAT THERE ARE DENTAL PRACTICES all over the Boston area. So what sets Dental Partners of Boston apart from all the rest?? Why should you come to us for all your dental needs? Well, let us tell you!

One of the most unique features of our practice is that we really do offer full servicewe have a dynamic team of doctors that specialize in every aspect of dentistry. So, whether or not you need a root canal, dental implants, gum disease treatment, wisdom teeth extraction, or teeth whitening, we can assure that you will see a specialist for that particular need! We know—it almost sounds too good to be true! Visit our website and check out all our dentists’ profiles. You’ll see that we really do have specialists on anything from periodontology to orthodontics!

This breadth and skill across every facet of dentistry lets Dental Partners of Boston offer you what no other practice can— a 100% worry-free environment.  Here you can receive the ultimate dental care experience, all in one place, giving you the convenient benefit of coordinated care. It’s this one-stop, comprehensive dental care that keeps our patients returning year after year.

In addition to our specialized care, you can further be assured that a visit to our practice will also include:

  • State-of-the-art technology
  • A caring and highly competent professional team
  • A comfortable, spa-like environment
  • Thoroughness and quality care.
  • Gentleness and concern for your individual needs
As a testimony to our unique combination of art and science, Dental Partners of Boston was ranked #1 in a patient survey of dentists across the country. Our Dentists have been awarded “America’s Top Dentists” by the Consumers’ Research Council of America and our Boston office was featured as “Practice of the Month” in the 2006 issue of a leading industry periodical.
So, what are you waiting for? Give our practice a call. We promise you will be in the best of hands, and we’ll take good care of you and your dental needs!

Interested In A Whiter Smile??

LET’S BE HONEST…few things are quite as memorable as a bright sparkling smile.

Unfortunately, things like coffee, tea, soft drinks, and tobacco can leave unattractive stains on our teeth’s enamel, causing quite the distraction.

Here at Dental Partners of Boston, our cosmetic team can help remove those stains and leave your smile brighter than ever!! We offer a variety of whitening services here at our practice, including the BriteSmile and Zoom! teeth whitening systems.

Through BriteSmile you can achieve results up to 8 shades whiter in just an hour. One of our doctors will first apply a special gel to your teeth that will be activated by a special blue light for 20 minutes. During this time you can simply relax in our spa-like atmosphere with your choice of TV channel or a movie to entertain you. Typically, this process is repeated 2 more times, but we repeat it 3 times to ensure that you’re 100% satisfied with your dazzling new smile!

Our Zoom! whitening system also uses gel and a special light to bring you that whiter smile. So, what’s the difference? Well, this high end system only requires one treatment, and your teeth can be up to 8 shades whiter in just about 40 minutes! If you’re looking for a fast and absolutely effective way to whiten your teeth, this is the treatment for you. 

To make an appointment for a BriteSmile or Zoom! whitening consultation, contact our practice today. We’d love to sit down with you and explain the difference between our whitening services in greater detail. We look forward to helping you achieve the bright smile you’ve always dreamed of!

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Straighten Your Teeth With Hassle-Free Lumineers!

HERE AT DENTAL PARTNERS OF BOSTON, WE UNDERSTAND THAT a bright, beautiful smile can make all the difference when it comes to confidence and self esteem. This is why all our doctors are committed to helping our patients achieve the smile they’ve always dreamed of—and Lumineers may be just the way to do that!

Lumineers are porcelain dental veneers with a twist. Unlike regular veneers, these thin smile shapers can be applied to your teeth without any shaving or grinding down—offering patients a painless way to a permanently white and perfectly aligned smile.

By replacing the popular pressed ceramic products with a traditional porcelain build-up technique, our team is able to make shade changes, correct orthodontic problems, and make other cosmetic improvements while removing a minimal amount of patient enamel.

Lumineers can be placed over existing dental crowns or bridgework without having to replace them. They are also quite aesthetically pleasing because they block out undesirable colors and allow the beauty of the natural teeth to shine through. In only two easy dental visits, you can have a painless, permanent cosmetic solution for stained, chipped, discolored or misaligned teeth.

If you are wondering whether or not lumineers are the solution for you then set up a smile consultation today! One of our doctors would love to go through your options with you.

This Month We Are Grateful For YOU…


CAN YOU BELIEVE HALLOWEEN IS ALREADY OVER? Time sure does fly. Although it’s always tough to usher out the costume parties, candy, and pumpkins we’re excited to usher in the “season of gratitude”. Here at Dental Partners of Boston, we love November and the wonderful spirit it brings. Why wait until Thanksgiving Day to express our thanks? We want to let you know TODAY how grateful we are for all of you—our wonderful patients and friends. 

Thanks For Your Kind Reviews On Yelp

Just over a month ago, we received a nice letter from Yelp congratulating our dental practice on the amazing reviews we have been receiving. We know that it’s because of all of YOU that we have those reviews in the first place! Thank you for thinking of us. We love and value your support.

Here at Dental Partners of Boston we take pride in offering our patients the highest quality services available. We put your needs first, because we love and value your friendship. With expertise in every aspect of dental care from root canal therapy to adult orthodontics, we promise you will be in the best of hands no matter what services your smile requires.

So, once again…we’d like to express our thanks to all of our patients throughout the years. You are the reason we love coming to work everyday!

If you haven’t yet reviewed us on Yelp, please do! Your input and advice make us a better practice. 

 We Look Forward To Your Next Visit!

If you’re not already scheduled, be sure to contact us today.

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Basic Information About Dental Crowns

ARE YOU WALKING AROUND WITH ONE OR MORE BROKEN, CRACKED, OR DISCOLORED TEETH? If your self-esteem has been dwindling when you smile, because of an unfortunate accident or a case of advanced tooth decay, you’re probably a prime candidate for dental crownsOur doctors have a great deal of experience in many cosmetic dentistry procedures—including dental crown placement. Here at Dental Partners of Boston we want to assist you in having a smile you’re proud to flash to the world each day.

Dental crowns are often called “caps” that cover your tooth completely. Often used in connection with many cosmetic and restorative dental procedures, dental crowns are a tooth restoration solution used to protect and restore function to damaged, discolored, or decaying teeth. And, they look and function just like natural teeth. Our doctors may recommend them if your tooth has so much decay that it would have trouble holding a filling—or if it’s in danger of cracking down near the root.

Curious about the benefits of a dental crown procedure? Here are a few reasons why a dental crown may be the very best option for improving both your appearance AND your health:

  • Prevent a weak tooth from decay or breaking.
  • Hold together parts of a cracked tooth.
  • Restore a tooth that is already broken or severely worn down.
  • Cover a dental implant.
  • Cover and support a tooth with a large filling—especially if there isn’t a lot of tooth left.
  • Hold a dental bridge in place.
  • Cover misshaped or severely stained and/or discolored teeth.

Protection And Durability

Dental crowns also protect damaged teeth from intrusive bacteria that is present in saliva—thereby preventing further decay. And they help support the tremendous pressures of chewing. They typically last many, many years if accompanied by good oral hygiene—sometimes for a lifetime. However, it’s good to have them regularly checked by our team to be sure.

To learn more about dental crowns, or if you have questions, please feel free to contact us. We deliver the highest-quality treatment for restoring your smile and confidence. So, what are you waiting for? Set up a brief consultation with one of our doctors today to see if dental crowns are the right solution for you. We look forward to helping you rediscover a brilliant, confident, and healthy smile.

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Take Extra Care Of Your Teeth This Halloween Season!

HERE AT OUR PRACTICE, WE LOVE OCTOBER. Why, you ask? Well, it’s no secret that October ushers in pumpkin-carving contests, frightful haunted houses, spiced apple cider, spooky costumes, and yummy treats.

But, did you know that October is also National Dental Hygiene Month? It’s true! This month of sweets and treats is also a season for learning more about, and celebrating, your own oral health!

Here are four useful, easy tips from the American Dental Hygienists Association to help you keep your mouth clean!


for 2 minutes, twice a day. Studies have shown that following this guideline is the most important step we can take to reduce plaque buildup, oral diseases, and other problems including cavities and gingivitis.


daily. Floss is able to reach those places your toothbrush can’t! We know this is the hardest guideline to follow, but we promise it will pay off. Keep some floss in your purse, briefcase, or backpack so you always have it on hand. Your oral health will improve and you won’t be stuck helpless when that stubborn piece of black pepper gets stuck in between your front teeth!


with mouthwash. Brushing and flossing loosen up and remove bacteria from your mouth, but mouthwash kills that leftover bacteria that your toothbrush might not have caught. Fight gum disease!

4. CHEW…

some sugar-free gum after eating. It’s clinically proven to stimulate saliva and improve oral health!

So, have fun at those Halloween parties and enjoy (a little bit of) your trick-or-treat candy—but don’t forget about your dental hygiene!

Feel free to contact us if you have any additional questions about the best way to keep your teeth healthy and strong!

Happy October!

The Tooth Fairy Does Exist!

DID YOU KNOW THAT FEBRUARY 28th AND AUGUST 22nd ARE NATIONAL TOOTH FAIRY DAYS? Yes, this tiny-winged, mythical creature actually has TWO of her own days of celebration…crazy, huh!? It might sound odd that the Tooth Fairy even gets one day of observance, but it’s actually for good reason!

Unfortunately, the tooth fairy doesn’t usually come to collect adult teeth that have fallen out. However, for all the children out there who have yet to lose their baby whites, these days are meant to celebrate the right of passage that losing baby teeth brings—and of course the little lady who’s smart (or crazy!) enough to collect them from under our pillows.

So, how did the tooth fairy come to be anyway? Well, for starters, losing teeth as a child can sometimes be a traumatic experience! A little bit of blood is all the excuse a child needs to shed some tears, regardless of whether or not there is actually any pain involved. Seeing their own little tooth in their hand and inspecting the new hole in their smile isn’t always enough to dry their eyes.

That’s where the tooth fairy comes into play

It’s much easier to be excited about losing a tooth if you know it’s going to be exchanged for cash while you’re sleeping! The tooth fairy replaces that fear and trauma with hope and excitement. It’s starting to make sense that she deserves some holidays, isn’t it?

Here at Dental Partners of Boston, we care about yours and your children’s oral health. Make sure to exercise proper oral care so that those teeth and gums stay healthy and strong! Besides, rumor is that the tooth fairy gives even better prizes for healthy teeth!

Now we’d like to hear from you! What was the going rate for teeth when you were a child? What do you give your kids today in exchange for those pearly whites? Let us know in the comments section below!

Happy Brushing!

Go Easy On The Sugary Drinks!

IT’S KNOWN BY MANY DIFFERENT NAMESpop, soda, soft drinks, soda pop—but when it comes down to its affect on your teeth, it’s all the same!

Sugary sodas have not only contributed a huge percentage to the nation’s obese population, but the acidic sugar byproducts and acids soften your tooth enamel, contributing to more cavities. Brushing gets even harder when your tooth enamel gets softer, creating an unwanted one/two punch.

Some of you may have heard that turning to sugar-free is a healthier alternative, and while that may be true, the affect diet sodas have on your teeth doesn’t change much. Diet sodas are LESS harmful on your teeth, but they can still cause acidic damage. Unfortunately, they only account for 14% of the nation’s soda-consumption anyway.

Each year, the amount of soft drinks we consume in the United States increases dramatically—especially among teenagers and children. At least one in five children consumes a minimum of four servings of pop each day, and some teenages drink much, much more. In fact, the problem has become so bad that the American Academy of Pediatrics sounded an alarm about the dangers and suggested guidelines for helping children create good better habits.

So, What Can I Do?

  • Reduce the amount you drink. Seems obvious, right?
  • Drink more water. It will help take away your cravings for soda.
  • Use fluoride toothpastes and/or mouth rinses.
  • Find substitutes you enjoy that are more healthy.
  • When you DO drink soda pop, rinse your mouth with water when you finish.
  • Don’t forget to schedule regular dental checkups.

Here at Dental Partners of Boston, it is our goal to help you keep your beautiful smile for life. If you have questions about different beverages and their effect on your teeth, be sure to ask us. We love talking to you, our valued patients, about your oral health.

Don’t forget to join us on Facebook and Twitter for more discussions about your dental comfort, heatlh, and appearance. We look forward to seeing you again soon!