Smile Freely with Invisalign

Ethnic woman puts Invisalign® aligners on her teeth

Ask about Invisalign® today; you’ll like the process and LOVE the results!

Being self-conscious about your smile is one thing that we at Dental Partners of Boston are determined to change. No one should feel like they have to hide their smile! Getting a perfectly straight smile might not seem possible, but thanks to Invisalign® invisible braces, we can help you smile freely again.

How Invisalign® Aligners Work

As providers of Invisalign®, we’ve helped many of our patients straighten crooked teeth. The process starts by taking a 3-D image of your mouth. This helps Orthodontist Dr. Yael Frydman create custom-fitted aligners that are perfect for your teeth.

Through digital visualization, you’ll get an opportunity to see how your teeth should look at each stage and the process. You will see how your teeth are straightening until the end of treatment.

Custom aligners gradually move your teeth into place. You’ll be surprised at how comfortable they are to wear. They’re smooth and low-profile, so they don’t cause discomfort on the inside of your lips or cheeks as traditional braces do. Over the course of the process, you’ll switch to a new aligner every two weeks until your teeth are straight.

The benefit of Invisalign® invisible aligners is that you can take them out for short periods of time. This can be helpful when eating and brushing your teeth. For the average person, the process takes just six to nine months to complete.

The Advantages of Invisalign® Aligners

The advantage of invisible aligners, as opposed to traditional braces, is that they’re clear and invisible, as the name suggests. Thankfully, they are more discreet for those who don’t want others to know they are wearing aligners. This is especially useful for adults who are in professional settings.

Brushing and flossing are certainly made easier with aligners since they’re removable and it means you can continue to look after the health of your gums. Aligners also offer results more rapidly than traditional braces do.

Confident Smiles With Dr. Yael Frydman

Here at Dental Partners of Boston, orthodontist Dr. Yael Frydman loves her work because she is able to provide patient after patient, with a beautiful smile that they’re more than happy to show off. Having confidence in your smile should be something that everyone should experience and with her years of experience in practice, you can expect and trust Dr. Frydman to provide excellent service and wonderful results.

Why Choose Dental Partners of Boston?

We are recognized as one of the best dental practices in Boston and when it comes to invisible braces, Invisalign® is one of the more productive methods of straightening your teeth and achieving a smile that you will want to share with the world.

Schedule an appointment for a consultation with Dr. Frydman today so that you can see just how effective clear aligners can be for your teeth. The team here at Dental Partners of Boston are here to answer your questions whenever you’re ready!

Make 2021 Your Year for Dental Health

Keep good dental health in 2021. Woman celebrates with wine and confetti.

Woman celebrates with wine and confetti. Caption: Start 2021 with goals to keep your pearly whites happy and healthy.

Happy New Year!

Happy new year! The year 2020 is now behind us, so what goals or resolutions are you making for the year ahead? Why not make 2021 the year where you set a goal to reach optimal dental health?

One of the first things to do to start on the right track with your dental health is to schedule an appointment for a dental check-up. Due to the events that overshadowed last year (COVID-19), it was necessary to cut down on services for a while. Many other dentists in the area closed as well, and in some cases, closed even for emergencies. With new regulations in place to ensure the safety of staff and patients, practices are open again. As a result of the closures, however, it meant a lot of people missed their regular cleanings and check-ups.

To start off the new year in the right way, you should schedule an appointment as soon as possible. Go ahead, we’ll wait…

Now that you have done that, here are some things you can do to make sure that your dental health goals are met and to ensure that you have healthy teeth all year long.

Schedule a second cleaning 6 months later

After your first cleaning appointment, it is a good idea to schedule a second cleaning in six months. Not only is it good for your dental health, but it can also act as a preventative dentistry measure. You want to make sure that things are dealt with before they become a bigger issue. It is recommended that you have two cleanings each year, so get them both scheduled on the calendar.

Improve habits at home

In order to carry on with your dental routine and look after your teeth, improving your habits at home is important. You should be brushing your teeth at least twice daily, as well as flossing once a day. You can use other things like mouthwash, but that shouldn’t substitute brushing and flossing.

Reduce sugar intake

Sugar is one of the things that can cause a lot of problems for your teeth, especially if you are not properly looking after your teeth. That is why it is a good idea to make a plan this year to reduce your overall sugar intake. For example, a simple swap is to drink water instead of sugary juice or soda.

Making the appointment for that dental procedure you’re avoiding

If you have been avoiding scheduling an appointment or a particular dental procedure, stop putting it off! Whether you need to have a cavity filled, have a broken tooth repaired or removed, making an appointment with us will help you get back to optimal dental health. You could also schedule an appointment for other procedures, such as teeth whitening in Boston for a bright white smile.

Dental Partners of Boston wishes you a happy new year and encourages you to keep your New Year resolutions. Be sure to contact us today to schedule a check-up, cleaning, or other appointments. Our expert team is waiting to take your call.

Give The Gift of a Gorgeous Grin

Cosmetic dentistry in Boston wishing you a wonderful holiday seasonWhat do you get as a gift for the person that has everything? We all have some people on our holiday gift shopping list that are tricky to shop for. Why not give the gift of a beautiful smile this season? Here are a number of treatments that can be gifted to others, or to yourself, to celebrate the holidays in style.


Invisalign is a wonderful treatment that can benefit people of all ages. Whether you choose it as a gift to yourself, your kid, or your partner, giving the gift of straight teeth is something that really is a treat. If you have a family member who has longed for straighter teeth, Invisalign is a great option for them. The good thing about Invisalign is that it straightens teeth more subtly than traditional braces. For teenagers or adults looking to get straight teeth without traditional braces, this can work well. It’s a beautiful solution for anyone who doesn’t want braces but still wants straighter teeth.

Cosmetic Dentistry

If crooked teeth are not a problem, then other cosmetic dentistry treatments might be just the thing this year. Teeth whitening is a great gift suitable for many people. Teeth whitening helps to brighten teeth for the year ahead, as well as for all of the holiday festivities.

Cracked or Chipped Tooth

If you or someone you love has a chipped tooth, then you know how much it can bother someone. From avoiding social situations to not wanting to smile for the camera, having a chipped tooth does impact lives. The good news is that visible chips can be fixed in time for picture-perfect smiles during the holidays. Scheduling an appointment is the first step to see what needs to be done.

Smile Makeover

You could also consider a complete smile makeover for yourself or a loved one. A smile makeover can help achieve the smile you or they have always wanted and is an excellent way to start 2021. Smile makeovers have many benefits from whitening your teeth, fixing gaps, resolving gummy smiles, lengthening or reducing teeth length, and replacing missing teeth. Smile makeovers can fix your smile or the smile of a loved one.

Dental Partners of Boston wants to thank you for choosing us this year and wish you happy holidays. If you would like to learn more about any of these treatments, get in contact with our team. Whether it is for yourself or for a loved one, schedule an appointment today.

How We’re Managing COVID-19

COVID-19 precautions: Dental Partners of Boston team wear PPE for patient protection.

The Dental Partners of Boston Team wearing masks lined up down the hallway. Caption: You can feel safe, comfortable, and confident at Dental Partners of Boston during COVID-19.

The global pandemic has had a profound effect on the way dentistry is practiced. In March, the American Dental Association advised dental offices to close to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. The main form of transmission of the virus is through respiratory droplets from a person’s mouth or nose, and this put dentists, and our patients, at a high risk of infection.

We are grateful to our patients for their understanding and response to the serious situation as we canceled or postponed their regular appointments.

During those months of closure, we put new procedures into place that would keep our dentists, our team, and our patients safe while they were in our care. These new policies allowed us to safely open again in May.

Cover Story of Boston University’s School of Dental Medicine

Boston University’s School of Dental Medicine has a publication called impressions. Dental Partners of Boston is the cover story for their fall 2020 issue, called “COVID-19, How We Managed.” In this article, you can read about our new strategies that reduce exposure to the virus.  Our article is on page four. We encourage you to take a look! You can read it online or download it here.

As you’ll read in the article, we were careful to consider every aspect of our practice. From entry to exit, we want our patients to know that we are doing everything we can to not expose them to the virus. With enhanced precautions in place, you can expect to be kept safe. Each new protocol is to protect patients, our clinical team, and our administrative team.

Enhanced Precautions

Here is a shortlist of our enhanced precautions. You can read more details in BU’s article, and also on our web page about what to expect at your visit during the pandemic.

  • We have new arrival procedures in place as our team greets and guides you to treatment rooms
  • The reception area has been arranged to ensure physical distance
  • We placed hand sanitizers around the office
  • A new pre-rinse is for patients to use before treatment begins
  • We added air purifiers with advanced technology to filter particulate and molecular pollutants
  • New personal protection equipment creates effective barriers against germs


The most effective change has been the incorporation of teledentistry into our care. When you come in for your regular visits with a hygienist, the hygienist documents all your diagnostic data and gives it to your dentist. He or she will review any radiographs, photos, or scans of your mouth at a later time. This will reduce how many people you interact with while you’re in the office.

We’ll schedule a 15-minute teledentistry visit during which the doctor will share his or her findings in your diagnostic data.  You’ll be able to meet in a video call from your home with your computer, tablet, or cell phone. During this call, you are welcome to ask any questions about your health or these new procedures. We always want to make sure you understand every aspect of your dental care so you continue to feel confident and comfortable with Dental Partners of Boston. Please contact us to schedule an appointment today.

Gaps, Chipped Teeth, Dental Fractures, and How to Fix Them

A beautiful woman smiles over her shoulder dressed in winter clothes showing her white teeth.

Caption: A new year is coming! Ask us about options for a healthy smile in 2021.

With more people looking at options for cosmetic dentistry, and a new year coming up, there is no better time to improve your smile. At Dental Partners of Boston, our team understands the concerns you may have and are here to help. We want you to achieve the goals you have to improve your smile.

Common Dental Issues

There are some common cosmetic dental issues that patients prefer to have resolved, that affect the appearance of their smile. Some of these issues may include gaps in your teeth, a chipped tooth, dental fractures, and missing teeth. These dental concerns are very common, but they are also problems that patients tend to avoid resolving until they become a problem. One reason is that many patients are unaware of the cosmetic dentistry options available to them. Here are some options you have to repair these common issues. We will also tell you a little about the procedure.

Cosmetic Dental Bonding

Before undergoing dental bonding treatment, we always begin with a comprehensive dental examination. Your teeth are cleaned and your dentist will apply an “etch” substance to the teeth that need bonding treatment. This step prepares the surface of the teeth to accept the composite bonding and ensures adhesion. Your dentist will color-match to your teeth before adding dental bonding. At that stage, they can mold it into place. Once the composite bonding material has cured, your dentist will then file each treated tooth, clean, and polish them. This will improve the appearance of your teeth while filling in the gaps or fixing chips in your teeth. It is often the choice of treatment when it comes to repairing a small area of your mouth.

Cosmetic Dental Veneers

Dental veneer treatments are tailored to each patient and completed over the course of three sessions. The process is actually fairly simple, although it may take a few weeks to complete from start to finish. The first step is to consider planning. This is where the dentist will complete a full consultation to discuss the goals you have when it comes to veneers. X-rays and impressions will likely take place. You then have the preparation side of things.

Your dentist will need to reshape the tooth surface to create enough space in your mouth for dental veneers without altering the shape of your mouth. Your veneers will then be created. At your last appointment, a few weeks later, the veneer will be fitted. You may have porcelain or composite resin veneers, and each one may be fitted differently. Your cosmetic dentist will fix the veneer in place and bond the veneer to the tooth.

For more information on veneers or dental bonding, schedule an appointment today with our team. Let’s hope this has given you more confidence in some of the options you have with cosmetic dentistry and repairing gaps, chips, and dental fractures.

Orthodontics: The Happy Specialty

Caption: Get beautiful, straight teeth in a gorgeous smile with Invisalign.

A woman sits in a dental chair smiling at the dentist. Caption: Get beautiful, straight teeth in a gorgeous smile with Invisalign.

No one really wants to wear metal braces in this day and age, and especially as an adult. They can cause distress in your mouth and a lot of discomfort, and don’t look very appealing. But yet, many of us are still wishing for a perfectly straight smile. The one that can give us a confidence boost and have us feeling great. This is where Invisalign Boston can help. Dr. Yael Frydman is our experienced and talented dentist in this area, and she focuses on this orthodontic treatment. She calls it the “happy specialty.” 

In her own words, Dr. Frydman says “I love orthodontics. I think it’s the happy specialty… It’s something people go through to improve themselves; their smile, their appearance, their self-esteem, their function, their quality of life.”

Why you should consider orthodontics for yourself

There are many reasons why you may want to consider Invisalign treatment. They might be for any of the following reasons:

  • Improve confidence
  • Increase self-esteem
  • Self-improvement
  • Improve your smile and appearance
  • Improve oral function such as chewing and speaking.

What is involved in the happy specialty that is orthodontic treatment?

The treatment for Invisalign and any orthodontic process will start by taking a 3-D image of your mouth. This is so we can create custom-fitted Aligners that gradually guide your teeth into proper alignment. We use the latest technology to allow a computer-generated image that will show us what your teeth will look like at each stage of the Invisalign process. This will be done right up until the end of treatment. We will provide you with everything that you need to continue the process of treatment, and always ensure that you come back for follow-up appointments with Dr. Yael Frydman to ensure that the process and treatment you are undertaking is working as it should be. The aligner process can take anywhere between six to nine months from beginning to end. But the end result will give you a healthy and beautiful smile that you will be proud and confident with. 

“My favorite days are the ones where my patients are at the end of their treatment and they smile for the first time.”

A little about Dr. Yael Frydman

Yael Frydman D.M.D.“My commitment to my patients is that I will do everything in my power, everything in my knowledge, using the latest technologies in dentistry and orthodontics today, to give them the unique treatment they deserve”

Dr. Yael Frydman has been in private practice since 1998. She completed her orthodontic specialty program at Maimonides University, Argentina, and her DMD Advanced Standing Program at Boston University Goldman School of Dental Medicine.

The National Dental Honor Society awarded Dr. Frydman the Omicron Kappa Upsilon Award, a prestigious honor given to those doctors who have demonstrated scholarship, character, and the potential promise for the advancement of dentistry and service to humanity. She has been named a Top Dentist in Boston for 2020!

You can contact us at Dental Partners of Boston today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Frydman for more information.  We look forward to meeting you.

Four Reasons To Be Thankful For Modern Dentistry

Caption: Wishing Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

A family consisting of a father, mother, and two kids smile and pose closely together in a room with Fall decor. Caption: Wishing Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

Modern technology is something that we can be so very thankful for. We are blessed with a range of things that can help our lives, that even twenty years ago we might not have thought were possible. As best dentists in Boston, we know just how much technology and education have progressed and helped the field of dentistry, and at this time of Thanksgiving, here are some of the reasons why we should give thanks for modern dentistry.

1. Sedation and anesthesia

For a number of people, fear of the dentist can be due to anxiety around procedures and fear of potential pain. This fear is sometimes why people cancel appointments. Modern dentistry can help to alleviate fear and anxiety, as we have the wonder that is anesthesia available for patients. If treatments are necessary for you, then having anesthesia is going to make the treatment much better than going without anesthesia. At Dental Partners of Boston, we also have sedation options available, if patients are particularly nervous. So don’t avoid the dentist because of fears or nerves as pain-relief is available. Please be sure to communicate with us about any anxieties and we will work together so you’re comfortable in our care.

2. Non-invasive procedures

Modern dentistry techniques mean that there are a number of non-invasive procedures that can be performed that would have been much more extreme in years gone by. Take gum grafting surgery, for example. In the past, a periodontist would take gum tissue from other areas of the mouth. A flap of gum tissue was cut around the exposed teeth. The gum graft was then sewn in place, meaning a long and sometimes painful recovery. With the modern Pinhole Surgical Technique for the same treatment, all that it involves is a tiny incision just above the affected teeth. Using proprietary tools, we then push down the existing gum to cover the root exposure. Collagen strips hold the tissue in place, as well as encouraging healing. This procedure is wonderful because of the faster healing time, and also because the results are instantly pleasing to see.

3. Dental Implants

Dental implants are another reason to be thankful for modern dentistry. They are extremely beneficial for any patients suffering from tooth loss. You might just be missing one of your teeth or a number of them. Regardless, the best dental implants mean that you can get your smile back. Not only do they look good, but dental implants mean that our dentists can restore the full functionality of your teeth, and with that, restore all the health benefits that come from natural teeth. They have an extraordinary success rate, and dental implants are a better option than dentures. They not only look like your natural teeth, but they also feel and function just like natural teeth.

4. Preventive Dentistry

Modern dentistry, with us at Dental Partners of Boston, is all about preventative dentistry. Brushing and flossing daily is so important to keep your mouth healthy. But you can’t forget the importance of regular professional cleanings and dental examinations. Dental Partners of Boston provides a complete oral exam that looks out for any potential issues like gum disease, tooth decay, and occlusion analysis before any of them become an issue. 

All that is left now is to wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving with your families and thank you for being a part of Dental Partners of Boston! If you would like to schedule an appointment, we would love to hear from you.  

Taking Care of Your Dentures

Caption: The proper care of dentures will keep them functioning and make them last.

A close-up of a set of dentures in a woman’s hand. Caption: The proper care of dentures will keep them functioning and make them last.

Removable partial or full dentures require proper care to enjoy a great experience when wearing them. Keep them clean, free from stains, and comfortable to wear. If you want to make sure that your dentures last as long as possible, then here are some tips that will help you. We will also give you instructions and advice when you first receive your dentures, but we always invite questions, so please feel free to contact us at Dental Partners of Boston to get the best comfort and performance out of your dentures.

Rinse Your Dentures After Eating

When you have finished eating, you need to make sure that you run some water over your dentures to remove any food debris. Handling your dentures carefully is also important. You don’t want to bend or damage the plastic when handling them.

Clean Your Mouth

It’s also very important that you clean your mouth after you have removed your dentures. Use a soft-bristled toothbrush on your natural teeth and then use a soft brush to clean your palate, gums, cheeks, and tongue. Any residual denture adhesive should be thoroughly removed.

Brush Your Dentures

Brush your dentures every day. Remove and gently clean them with a soft-bristled brush and some non-abrasive denture cleaner. This will remove any plaque, food, and other deposits. If you happen to use denture adhesive, then make sure that you clean the grooves that fit in your mouth.

Soaking Dentures

Soaking your dentures overnight is a crucial step in keeping them clean. Dentures are commonly made of acrylic materials, which are full of tiny pores that brushing can’t clean. Bacteria can survive in those pores, which might result in a foul odor, bad breath, or even lead to gum disease. Soaking your dentures in a commercial denture-soaking solution removes 99% of oral bacteria.

Schedule Regular Check-ups

It’s also very important for you to continue to schedule regular check-ups even when you wear dentures. You will need to have any remaining teeth professionally cleaned and examined, your mouth cleaned, and your dentures checked and cleaned. We will also ask about their fit. Over time, the structure of your mouth can change, altering the way your dentures fit. They may become uncomfortable to wear or begin to slip out of place, but they can be adjusted to fit comfortably once more. This will help you to stop slippage and it will also stop irritation.

Avoid Abrasive Cleaning Materials

It’s important that you avoid stiff bristles, harsh toothpaste, and even strong cleaners. All of these can damage your dentures.

Don’t Use Whitening Toothpaste

Whitening toothpaste often contains some form of peroxide. This may slightly change the color of your dentures. You should also avoid any bleaching products as well, as this can also damage your teeth.

If you follow this guide and if you do everything you can to take care of your dentures you will soon find that you are able to protect your mouth while also making sure that your dentures last. If you need support with your dentures, please contact us. Our team is more than happy to advise you about dentures and the appropriate steps to take for your unique situation.

Winners of Boston Magazine’s Top Dentists™ 2020


Boston magazine’s Top Dentists™ 2020

For years, Dental Partners of Boston has been striving for excellence in all aspects of its work. And this year, just like last, we’ve been recognized by Boston magazine’s Top Dentists™ 2020 under many winning categories — a tremendous achievement for our team.

Boston magazine’s Top Dentists™ award has been running for many years. The goal is to list all of the top dentists in the city, helping patients find the best professionals in the area. It operates differently from most awards. Dentists are not nominated by the public or a panel of experts, but rather by their peers — part of the reason the award is so prestigious. Any professional on the list must gain the support of others in the dental community for the quality of their work, including those from rival clinics.

That’s why our team’s achievement this year is so spectacular. Our peers voted for all our doctors to be selected for the award, confirming our place as one of Boston’s premier practices.

We believe our success comes from our ability to synergize and work together. Everyone at DPB is on the same page and shares the same values. We all understand that the patient experience is paramount, something that we hold front and center in everything that we do.

We’re honored to be recognized by our peers for these awards. It incentivizes every team member to continue to strive for excellence in all that they do and pushes them to give their best every day.

Why We Won Boston magazine’s Top Dentists™ 2020

Part of the reason we won comes down to the features of our practice. Teamwork is important — and something that significantly improves the patient experience — but it isn’t the only factor working in our favor.

For instance, DPB believes in reaching out to the community. We’ve been building relationships between doctors and patients for more than fifty years, giving us intangible social capital in the local community that other practices just don’t have. When patients come to us, they often automatically trust us to do a great job, which helps doctors give their best every day in the clinic.

Thanks to our convenient locations at the Prudential Center and Charles River, we’re also ahead of the pack. We fit around patients’ schedules and access requirements, making it easy to slot treatment into hectic schedules.

Then there’s our advanced experience. DPB provides a tremendous range of cosmetic and general dentistry options for patients, including some of the latest therapies and techniques. Rarely do we have to make referrals or send patients to specialists. Patients can get all the treatment that they need through us.

We are also firm believers in excellent customer service. Dental practices should build partnerships with patients to ensure the best possible oral health throughout their lifetime. Patients who come to our clinic feel like cherished members of our extended family, not just treated but also cared for.

Finally, we never cut corners and always manage patient expectations. While it is possible to achieve semi-miraculous dental treatment results, it takes careful planning, time, and considerable patience. Heavily-promoted faster methods exist, but they often force a compromise somewhere along the line, leading to poorer patient outcomes.

Our Award Winners

Here are the DPB members who received awards this year:

Sergio Guzman D.M.D., M.S.D.Sergio A. Guzman – Boston magazine’s Top Dentists™ 2020 – PERIODONTOLOGY, DENTAL IMPLANTS
Carolina Mujica D.M.D.Carolina Mujica – Boston magazine’s Top Dentists™ 2020 – RESTORATIVE DENTISTRY
Maria E. Cardenas D.M.D., C.A.G.S.Maria E. Cardenas- D.M.D.- C.A.G.S. – Boston magazine’s Top Dentists™ 2020 – RESTORATIVE DENTISTRY
Michael O'Toole, DMD, M.M.SC.Michael O’Toole – Boston magazine’s Top Dentists™ 2020 – PROSTHODONTICS
Yael Frydman D.M.D.Yael Frydman – Boston magazine’s Top Dentists™ 2020 – ORTHODONTICS
Barry J. Goldberg D.M.D., M.Sc.D.Barry J. Goldberg- D.M.D.- M.Sc.D. – Boston magazine’s Top Dentists™ 2020 – ENDODONTICS
Shiro Kamachi D.M.D.Shiro Kamachi – Boston magazine’s Top Dentists™ 2020 – PROSTHODONTICS
Kumi Kamachi D.M.D.Kumiko Kamachi – Boston magazine’s Top Dentists™ 2020 – PROSTHODONTICS
Carly F. Park D.M.D.Carly F. Park, DMD – Boston magazine’s Top Dentists™ 2020 – PROSTHODONTICS
Karessa A. Kuntz D.D.S.Karessa A. Kuntz DDS – Boston magazine’s Top Dentists™ 2020 – RESTORATIVE DENTISTRY
Brett Stein M.M.Sc.Brett Stein – Boston magazine’s Top Dentists™ 2020 – PROSTHODONTICS
Zachary Kano D.M.D.Zachary Kano D.M.D. – Boston magazine’s Top Dentists™ 2020 – ENDODONTICS
Mani Moulazadeh D.M.D.Mani Moulazadeh D.M.D. – Boston magazine’s Top Dentists™ 2020 – ENDODONTICS


Having so many winners is a delight for DPB and confirms our position as one of the premier practices in Boston. Our team has made tremendous individual sacrifices to get to this stage, giving the public the best reason to choose us as their dental service providers.

Your Dental Guide to a Happy Halloween

Caption: Keep up with your dental health after all that Halloween candy!

Three kids dressed in Halloween costumes carry decorative bags of candy in a neighborhood during daylight. Caption: Keep up with your dental health after all that Halloween candy!

Halloween might look a little different this year for many of us. Due to COVID-19, big Halloween parties might be out of the question, and not everyone will feel safe out and about trick or treating. However, there is no getting away from the fact that Halloween means candy! So whether you are going to be out trick or treating with your kids or staying home and watching Halloween movies, the chances are you will be enjoying some candy. But how can you best care for their teeth, and yours, with the extra sugar? 

Dental Crowns and Sticky Candy

If you are having sticky and chewy candy, you should take extra care. These kinds of candies can easily stick to your teeth, and as a result, they can pull out crowns and fillings. If this does happen, it can be quite painful, so calling for an emergency dental appointment with one of the best dentists may be necessary. If you have a lot of fillings or crowns, then these kinds of candies might be best to avoid altogether. 

Cracked Teeth and Hard Candy

A popular choice at Halloween is hard candies. These should also be eaten with caution, as given the name, they can break teeth if you are not careful. If you are going to have hard candy, then it is best to suck them, although this isn’t ideal. The reason being is that hard candy is a feast for the bacteria that live in your mouth. The longer that the candies are in your mouth being sucked, the more time it gives the bacteria to get to work. 

Don’t Forget to Brush and Floss Your Teeth

We know that kids love candy, and especially like to enjoy some at this time of year. So it is a good idea to use this holiday as a chance to teach and remind your kids about just how important it is to take care of their teeth. The candy stash can last for a long time, so reminding them just how important it is to brush teeth and to floss after eating candy is a good idea. 

Chocolate vs Hard or Chewy Candy

Choosing chocolate can be a better choice than candy. Chewy candy and hard candy can stay in your mouth for a long time, whereas chocolate does not last for as long, which is better for teeth. Chocolate also washes off teeth more easily. Another option is that dark chocolate also tends to have a lot less sugar than other candy, so if you are going to treat yourself this Halloween, dark chocolate could be the best option for the health of your teeth. 

The key thing to remember is that you should always brush your teeth after eating anything that is particularly sugary. Getting into the habit of doing this, as adults and children, can make a difference to your teeth. 

At Dental Partners of Boston, one of the best dentists in Boston, we offer comprehensive services to keep you at your dental best. Why not get in touch with us today and schedule an appointment? Wishing you all a safe and Happy Halloween!