Keeping Scheduled Dental Appointments Can Save Your Life

AN ESTIMATED 37,000 AMERICANS will be diagnosed with oral cancer this year. And approximately 7,300 people will die from oral cancer this year in the United States alone. Here at Dental Partners of Boston we want to do all we can to help prevent and detect oral cancer in our patients.

What Causes Oral Cancer?

Researchers have found a few different things that increase a person’s chances of getting oral cancer. For example, men are two times more likely to get oral cancer than women. Some other risk factors are:

  • Tobacco– About 90% of people who have oral cancer have used tobacco, whether it is smoking or smokeless tobacco.
  • Alcohol– About 75-80% of people with oral cancer reported drinking alcohol. The combination of tobacco and alcohol use has been found to be particularly lethal.
  • Human Papillomavirus (HPV)– HPV is a sexually transmitted infection that has been found to cause types of cancer. A high correlation has been found between those infected with HPV and oral cancer.
  • Ultraviolet light– Prolonged unprotected exposure to sunlight can lead to higher risks of cancer.

What Are the Symptoms of Oral Cancer?

If you have experienced any of these symptoms, please call us and make an appointment!

  • Sores in your mouth that last more than two weeks
  • Lumps or thickening of the cheeks
  • White or red patches in your mouth
  • Difficulty chewing, swallowing or moving the tongue or jaw
  • Numbness of the tongue or jaw

We Screen For Oral Cancer At Your Regular Visits

We conduct oral cancer screenings at every regularly-scheduled cleaning. That’s one of the many reasons that it’s so important to keep your regular, preventative appointments. Oral cancer is deadly, but your odds of beating it are MUCH better with early detection.

If you have any concerns feel free to contact us. Thanks for your trust in our practice!

5 Tips For Extending The Lifespan Of Your Veneers


VENEERS ARE AN INVESTMENT in your smile. Here at Dental Partners of Boston, we take a lot of pride in using quality materials and creating a look that you will be proud of.

However, in order to keep your veneers strong and white, they need to be taken care of, just as natural teeth do.

Five Tips To Keep Your Veneers In Tip-Top Shape:

1. Hygiene– Just as with natural teeth, it is important to have good oral hygiene with veneers. This will help keep your mouth clean and free of the bacteria that can cause plaque buildup and decay, which can jeopardize your veneers.

2. Avoid Injury– Dental accidents may cause large chips or cracks in the veneers. Always remember to wear a mouth guard when you play sports.

3. Don’t Grind or Clench– Grinding and clenching your teeth usually occurs while sleeping. This can put a lot of undue pressure on your veneers, causing them to chip or break. If you clench your teeth at night, it’s essential that you get a night guard to protect your veneers and your teeth.

4. Get Veneers Checked Regularly– Natural teeth need to be examined and so do veneers. It is important for your veneers to get checked for signs of decay, disease, chips and cracks. In order to keep your veneers for as long as possible it is important to schedule regular cleanings.

5. Avoid Food and Drinks That Stain– While veneers are designed to avoid staining, the cement that holds them, unfortunately, can stain. This can cause the sides or edges where the glue is to discolor, thus ruining the aesthetic appeal of the veneers.

Take Good Care Of That Show-Stopping Smile

With proper care, and our team’s help, your dazzling smile will last for years to come. Let us know if you’re curious about getting veneers in order to achieve that smile that you always wanted.

If you have any questions on how to care for your veneers feel free to contact us!

Anxiety? Sedation Dentistry From Dental Partners Of Boston Can Help

MANY PEOPLE ARE FRIGHTENED of going to the dentist. Sometimes this fear can keep people from getting much needed dental work done. The anxiety of going to the dentist is understandable, but we want to help.

Here at Dental Partners of Boston, we want to make your visit as comfortable and pleasant as possible. That’s why we offer sedation dentistry for our more anxious patients.

We Offer Three Different Types Of Sedation Dentistry

  • Oral Sedation– We tend to offer oral sedation for those patients who may have had a bad dental experience previously, whether they’re afraid of needles, or just need a little extra help relaxing. The medication is given in incremental doses prior to dental treatment. This medication will reduce the anxiety associated with the sights and smells of the office.
  • In-Office IV Sedation– IV sedation is done by a trained Dental Anesthesiologist. This form of sedation tends to be faster and stronger than oral sedation. The IV is administered through the hand or arm. It’s preferred by those who may need more than oral sedation to relax.
  • General Anesthesia– This type of sedation is also administered by a qualified Dental Anesthesiologist. This is the strongest type of sedation. It is usually reserved for those patients that are so scared they do not want to see, hear, or feel any of the dental procedures they may need. It can also be used for those with physical disabilities and serious health issues. The patients who opt for this treatment sleep through the duration of their procedure.

If you experience anxiety at the thought of dental care, give us a call and we can talk about your options. It’s our priority that you have a positive experience with our team.

Thanks for entrusting your dental health to our practice!

LANAP: Our Answer For Gum Disease

GUM DISEASE, ALSO KNOWN AS periodontitis, is a problem that can have serious repercussions, with strong links to your overall health. However, if you do have gum disease, the team at Dental Partners of Boston has an excellent treatment option to help you get it under control. This treatment is called LANAP.

How Does LANAP Work?

LANAP is a laser used to remove the diseased gums in the mouth. There are a few basic steps in the LANAP procedure.

  1. The doctor uses the laser to remove the infected gums from around the teeth.
  2. Next the doctor uses the laser to remove the plaque buildup around the teeth. (Gum disease leaves the roots of teeth exposed and the plaque accumulates around them.)
  3. Finally, the laser goes over the the gums one more time to make sure all the bacteria that caused the gum disease is dead.

After the procedure, new healthy gums start to grow back, giving you a much healthier mouth, and anchoring your teeth safely.

Why Choose LANAP?

LANAP is a minimally invasive procedure and has a quick recovery time. Here are some of the benefits of LANAP:

  • There are no stitches, and no cutting involved
  • Only one treatment is needed
  • High success rates
  • Short recovery time

Call Dental Partners of Boston today to make your appointment today!

Get To Know Your Teeth A Little Better

WE USE OUR TEETH EVERY DAY when we eat, when we smile, and when we speak. We also spend considerable time cleaning our teeth and making sure they stay strong and healthy. Our teeth are very important to all of us… but do we actually know what our teeth are?

Our Teeth Are Made Up Of 4 Different Parts

1. Enamel

    Enamel is the white substance on the outside of our teeth. It is made of calcium phosphate and is the hardest substance in our body.

2. Dentin

    This is the largest part of the tooth. It is made of living cells that create a hard mineral substance. If you’re suffering tooth decay, you probably won’t feel it until it hits your dentin layer.

3. Pulp

    This is where all the tooth’s blood vessels and nerve endings are. The pulp is soft and can be very painful if decay reaches to this third layer.

4. Cementum

    Cementum is the connective tissue that keeps the tooth firmly placed within the gums by covering the tooth’s roots.

Keep Your Teeth Clean & Healthy

Once the cavities and decay reach that layer of dentin, your mouth can feel a lot of pain. Taking care of your teeth is very important to prevent this pain.

Brushing your teeth twice a day for about 2 minutes each time will keep your enamel clean and strong, preventing decay and therefore, pain. Regular flossing will also keep all the layers of your teeth healthy and pain free.

Please come see us or contact us if you are interested in understanding your teeth better!

Never Hide Your Smile Again! We Offer White Fillings

ARE YOU EMBARRASSED to open your mouth too wide because people will see your fillings? Do you hate having kids ask you what is stuck in your teeth? We are tired of all that too. Restorative dental care should never make you embarrassed.

White Teeth Fillings Match The Exact Color Of Your Teeth

That’s why here at Dental Partners of Boston, we give you teeth-colored fillings. Our white fillings are made out of a resilient composite resin guaranteed to match the exact color of your teeth.

Our Process Is Easy And Painless

Using blue light technology, the white filling’s resin is bonded to your teeth. This bond prevents cracks and fractures by supporting your tooth’s structure. Then our cosmetic dentist shapes and polishes the filling so it will fit comfortably and limit deterioration and staining. Then to further prevent staining, a clear plastic coating can be placed over the filling. After this painless application is finished, no one will notice your white tooth filling.

White Teeth Fillings Are Better For Your Teeth

Not only are white fillings more aesthetically pleasing but they are also better for your teeth. The bonding glue used in these white tooth fillings is good for tooth restoration because of its good adhesion. Also, these fillings are tougher and longer-lasting, keeping your teeth healthier longer.

If you are interested in teeth colored fillings or have questions, please contact us! We would love to hear from you!

Experiencing Pain In Your Jaw? It Could Be TMD

HAVE YOU EVER HEARD a loud popping or clicking noise coming from your jaw? Do you ever feel pain in your jaw area or around your ear? Have you ever experienced your jaw locking or discomfort while chewing? If you answered yes to any of these it is quite possible that you are experiencing TMD (temporomandibular joint dysfunctions).

We Can Evaluate Your Bite To Find The Cause

Before we can know for sure if you have TMD, our team will run a series of tests to discover what kind of TMD you have and how to go about treating it. At Dental Partners of Boston we take pride in being very thorough and as our patient, you can probably expect to see the following when getting examined:

  • We’ll have you tell us about discomfort or any symptoms you have been having
  • We’ll test the range of motion of your jaw
  • We’ll also listen for any popping or clicking
  • We can narrow down areas of pain by touching certain areas of the jaw and face
  • If serious enough, we will administer an X-ray, CT scan, or MRI to make sure we know exactly what we are working with

How We Treat It Depends On What Causes It

There are a variety of ways to treat problems with your jaw. If you’re grinding your teeth at night, we can create a custom-fit night guard to relax your jaw while you sleep. If the disorder is due to malocclusion, it may be best treated with some orthodontic treatment. In many cases, your discomfort can be helped with some quick changes, or some exercises.

In any case, our team of diverse specialists can find the cause of your pain, and help you find a solution. Let us know if you’re experiencing any pain or discomfort, and we’ll do all we can to help you out.

Thanks for your trust in our dental practice.

Some Interesting And Bizarre Facts About Dentistry

AT TIMES DENTISTRY can get pretty interesting. Here at Dental Partners of Boston, we’ve gathered some random, yet intriguing facts about the vast world of dentistry. Although some are educational, most are just outright bizarre!

Did You Know…

  • We buy 14 million gallons of toothpaste every year.
  • 3 out of 4 Americans have at least one cavity before their 18th birthday.
  • Dental problems account for the loss of more than 51 million school hours each year.
  • Certain cheeses including aged cheddar, swiss and monterey jack have been found to protect teeth from decay.
  • Tooth enamel is the hardest and most mineralized substance in the body.
  • The average human produces 25,000 quarts of saliva in a lifetime. That’s enough spit to fill 2 swimming pools.
  • In 1994 a prison inmate in West Virginia braided dental floss into a rope, scaled the wall and escaped!
  • Flossing once a day can increase your life expectancy by 6 years.
  • A recent poll has shown that physicians, dentists and nurses were among the most trusted people in the United States.
  • Kissing can aid in reducing tooth decay. This is because the extra saliva helps in keeping the mouth clean.

Yes, dentistry can be pretty strange at times, but that doesn’t stop us from loving what we do! Call and schedule an appointment with us today!

Thanks for being a part of our dental community!

Get The Rest You Need – Invest In A Snore Guard

ARE YOU FED UP with not getting enough sleep at night? Or maybe it’s your partner constantly keeping you awake with their snoring? It may be time to invest in a snore guard.

At Dental Partners of Boston we take snoring very seriously. Snoring may seem harmless but it can actually contribute to much worse health problems, such as high blood pressure, diabetes and stroke.

What Is A Snore Guard?

A snore guard is a device that goes into your mouth to help prevent snoring throughout the night. It looks a lot like an athletic mouth guard and is fitted to your teeth to hold your lower jaw forward. Our mouth guards are small and flexible. There are no hoses or tubes to get in the way of your comfortable sleep.

You Can Be Quickly And Easily Fitted For A Snore Guard

The concept is simple. Just contact us and we will schedule a time for you to come in and get fitted for a snore guard. There is no lab work or x-ray needed. This device is designed to keep the tongue and jaw from falling backward and obstructing your airway, making it easier for you to breathe.

It’s Time For You To Have A Better Night’s Sleep

With more than 40% of men and 25% of women snoring on a nightly basis, we pride ourselves on helping you finally get that good night’s rest you have been wanting.

To get fit with your snore guard, or to have your questions answered, please feel free to contact us here at Dental Partners Of Boston.

Thanks for being a valued part of our practice. We appreciate you!

Take Charge Of Your Smile With Tooth Restoration

LIFE CAN BE HARD ON YOUR SMILE. It could be that decay or gum disease has compromised a tooth – or even caused you to lose one. Or maybe, while you were eating or playing basketball, one of your teeth chipped. Sometimes, you’re juts concerned about the overall impression of worn, tired teeth.

Here at Dental Partners of Boston, we’ve helped a lot of patients reclaim their smiles. It’s something we really believe in, because we’ve seen the power it has to change someone’s relationships, their mood, and their life.

Repairing Your Smile May Be Easier Than You Think

Many people hesitate to take steps towards repairing their smile, worried that it will be too big of an undertaking. However, our team can make it a great experience for you.

1. Our experienced team ensures the best possible results with an efficient plan.

2. We have a full range of cosmetic and restorative services right here in our office, which means that whether you need a crown, implant, veneers, or periodontal aid, we can take care of it.

3. Our modern technology will probably surprise you – for example, CEREC makes perfectly-formed permanent crowns in under an hour. You can make a major change in just one visit to our practice.

It’s Not Just About Looks…

Remember, taking care of your smile isn’t just cosmetic. For example, replacing a missing tooth is important for the health of your neighboring teeth, the balance of your bite, and the wellbeing of your gum and bone support.

Be Proud Of Your Smile Again

So… why are you still hiding your smile? Come in for a consultation. We’ll listen and make a plan that works for you – whether you’re ready for some big changes, or you just have something small that’s been bugging you.

Thanks so much for being a part of our practice. We’re grateful for the opportunity to care for you and your smile!