Keeping Your Night Guard Clean

MANY ADULTS WEAR night guards to help keep them from grinding their teeth at night Keeping your night guard in good shape makes it last longer and keeps your mouth healthy. If you have a specially fitted night guard from Dental Partners of Boston, follow these tips to keep it in good shape.

4 Important Steps To Keep Your Night Guard Clean

1- Rinse your mouth guard with cool water after every use. It is important to use cold water because hot water may change the shape of the mouth guard.

2- Wash your night guard in mouthwash. Submerging your night guard in mouthwash will help kill the germs left on your mouthguard. After you have submerged it in mouthwash rinse it with cool water. Do NOT soak your night guard in mouthwash, as that may cause damage.

3- If you have a plastic mouth guard, you can brush your guard using a soft bristle toothbrush and toothpaste. Gently brush your mouthguard and then rinse with cool water.

4- Store your night guard in a protective case. Usually guards come with their own protective cases for easy storage. Keeping it in the container will ensure your night guard remains clean and undamaged. If your night guard didn’t come with a case, you can find one at your local pharmacy. An old retainer case also works well for storage.

Do You Need A Night Guard?

About one in five adults clenches or grinds their teeth at night, often without even knowing. While this may seem harmless, it can cause major damage to teeth and dental work down the road. It can also cause major stress and pain to the head and jaw.

A night guard can protect you from these problems. If you think you grind your teeth, please talk to us about being fitted for a comfortable, effective night guard from Dental Partners of Boston.

We hope you these tips will help keep your night guard in excellent condition. If you have questions regarding night guards please contact us.

Thank you for being such great patients and friends!

The Importance Of Regular Dental Cleanings

A man holding a toothbrush with toothpaste about to brush his teeth

Your regular-scheduled cleaning and checkup may not always be the highlight of your month. But our team at Dental Partners of Boston wants to remind you that it’s essential for your oral health.

Often, we’re tempted to avoid dental care because our mouth feels just fine. But preventative dental care is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle. Not only can we catch things that you might not be aware of, but we also prevent problems from progressing to a dangerous and expensive stage.

4 Ways Regular Dental Cleanings Help Your Oral Health

#1: Health For Your Gums

Gum disease starts with a build-up of plaque and if untreated it can lead to tooth loss. Regular dental checkups allow the dentist to monitor plaque buildup and deeply clean your teeth.

#2: Protection From Cavities

Regular cleanings allow your hygienist and dentist to keep an eye on spots that are more prone to cavities. Cleanings will also give you the opportunity to ask any questions about your daily oral hygiene habits so that we can help you have a more mouth-healthy lifestyle.

#3: Fresh Breath

Even if you brush and floss regularly, a cleaning keeps your breath smelling fresh. We also check for problems that could be causing chronic bad breath.

#4: A Brighter Smile

Tea, coffee, and wine, among other things, can stain your teeth. Getting cleanings every six months can remove stains and buildup, brightening your smile naturally.

Dental Cleanings Help Your Overall Health

Regular dental cleanings are important for your overall health, too. Regular dental cleanings can lower the risk of problems like stroke and heart disease. Dental exams also frequently find evidence of other harmful diseases.

Schedule Your Checkup With Us Today!

Dental cleanings might sometimes feel like a hassle, just one more thing in a busy day. But we believe that you should be comfortable and confident in the dental office. In fact, taking some time to relax in the dental chair might be the opportunity to put your feet up that you’ve been waiting for all week.

Call and schedule your cleaning today! We would love to help keep your smile bright and healthy!

Get Rid Of Your Morning Breath

BAD BREATH IN THE MORNING may happen to all of us, but it can still be embarrassing. Bad breath, or halitosis, probably isn’t how you want you start your day. We here at Dental Partners of Boston have a few tips to help with morning breath and keep your breath fresh!

Dry Mouth Is the Most Common Cause Of Morning Breath

The primary cause for bad breath is dry mouth. If you sleep with your mouth open or take certain medications, it can cause your mouth to dry out severely over night. When your mouth is dry, the bacteria that makes our breath smell grow faster.

You can help dry mouth with a really simply habit: drink lots of water throughout the day. Water increases saliva production, which counteracts bacteria production.

Good Oral Hygiene Can Help Keep Morning Breath Away

If you suffer from bad morning breath, have no fear! There are simple solutions to tame your breath. The best way is to follow a good nightly oral hygiene routine. Brushing and flossing each night will help you have better breath in the mornings. Brushing and flossing cleans your teeth and rids your mouth of bacteria.

You might also try using mouthwash. Rinsing with a mouthwash not only gives you a blast of fresh breath, it also further kills germs that will make your breath smell during the night.

If The Problem Is Severe, Talk To Us

Morning breath is a part of life. However, severe and chronic bad breath could be a symptom of a larger underlying problem. If you are experiencing dry mouth or severe bad breath, contact us today. We will work with you to find the best treatment possible.

Thanks for being our valued patients and friends!

A Guide To Avoiding Cold Sores

FEVER BLISTERS, OR COLD SORES are small groupings of blisters that occur around the mouth. These might heal in a few days or in a few weeks.

Here at Dental Partners of Boston, we know how frustrating cold sores can be. So here are a few tips for avoiding them.

Common Triggers For Cold Sores

Certain medications can make cold sores go away faster, but the best way to be rid of them is to prevent them in the first place. Not everyone’s cold sore triggers are the same. That why it’s important to review a bit when you get a cold sore, and see if you can troubleshoot. Here are some ideas for you to consider.


Stress can mess with our bodies in many ways, including wearing down our immune systems. If our immune system is low, it is easier to develop cold sores.

You can counteract this by having healthy stress-coping techniques. Build up your immunity by eating well and exercising. And give yourself time to relax and decompress after a stressful day or week.


Just like stress, being tired can drain your immune system. Having low defenses can lead to a dormant cold sore becoming active. Getting enough sleep can keep the cold sores away and boost your immune system.

Dry Lips

Dry lips can be caused by a number of factors, including the sun and cold weather. Protecting your lips from the weather can keep cold sores from developing. Whether it is wearing a scarf when it is cold or applying lip balm with sunscreen in it, protecting your lips will help prevent cold sores.

Keep Track Of When And Why You Get Cold Sores

The next time you get a cold sore, pay attention to things that may have been a trigger, whether it is your health or the weather outside. Being aware of your triggers can help you avoid future cold sore outbreaks.

If you have any questions, contact us! As your lifelong oral health partner, we care about your whole body’s health.

Thank you for being our valued patients and friends. We appreciate you!

We Offer Procera® AllCeram Crowns

HERE AT DENTAL PARTNERS OF BOSTON we want to offer the very best in technology and services to our patients. Patients often come in seeking dental crowns that do not have any metal or alloys in them. We are one of the few practices that offers Procera® AllCeram Crowns, a tooth-colored crown free from any metal or alloy.

Dental Crowns Protect Teeth From Further Damage

Dental crowns are used to fix misaligned, discolored, and misshapen teeth. They cover and protect damaged teeth from further damage while helping maintain the integrity of the rest of your teeth. Getting a crown is a simple process. We will x-ray your teeth, correctly size and color the crown, and then place the crown and cement it into place.

Procera® AllCeram Crowns Are An Ideal Option

Procera® AllCeram Crowns are made of a dense sintered ceramic, which is very strong. Other crowns may be more noticeable because of the presence of metal. Procera® mimics the translucency of teeth, allowing it to blend in with your natural teeth. Procera® uses a bio compatible material, minimizing the risk of an allergic reaction.

Do You Have Any Questions?

If you would like to know more about Procera® AllCeram Crowns, please contact us. Whether you need a new crown for a damaged tooth, or you would like to replace your old metal crowns, we can help you get it sorted out quickly.

Thank you for being our valued patients and friends!

Start The New Year With A Brighter Smile

LIFE CAN BE HARD on our teeth. Over time, we all notice a little bit of staining and discoloration. Whether that staining is from coffee, wine, sauces, or berry juice, it can make us self conscious.

Are you finding yourself hiding your teeth, or smiling less? Here at Dental Partners of Boston we want to help you feel 100% confident in your smile. That’s why we offer great whitening solutions to our patients.

We Offer Two Great Whitening Options

In-Office Whitening

Our in-office whitening is a one-time procedure and takes less than an hour to complete. In-office whitening is done by our trained cosmetic dentists to ensure you get the shade you want. You’ll see results instantly and be able to go home that same day with a whiter, brighter smile.

At-Home Whitening

Whitening at home is convenient, easy, and effective with our whitening kit. We’ll provide custom trays, molded to fit the shape of your mouth, for comfort and efficiency. We’ll instruct you on the use of the trays and the whitening gel. This method is amazingly easy. It will give you control of the shade of white you achieve, and allow you to schedule whitening around your busy schedule.

Ring In The New Year With A Brighter Smile!

Is your resolution to smile more this year? Contact us! Teeth whitening is an easy way to look younger and boost your confidence. Call us for a consultation today.

Thanks for being a valued part of our practice!

Explore Adult Orthodontics Options From Dental Partners Of Boston

YOUR SMILE IS A POWERFUL tool for good! It can relieve stress, make you appear more attractive, and can even help you get promoted at work. So what’s keeping you from smiling more? If you’re self conscious about a not-quite-straight smile, we can help you with that!

It’s Never Too Late To Get A Straight Smile

Here at Dental Partners of Boston we know having a straight smile can boost confidence. That is why we offer adult orthodontics in our office. One in five orthodontic patients is an adult.

Orthodontic Treatment May Be Important For Your Health

When our teeth are crowded and misaligned, they can be harder to clean. As teeth put pressure on each other and block proper cleaning, we can find ourselves with gum disease, possibly leading to tooth loss and severe discomfort.

Another way that orthodontic treatment can help your health is by aligning your bite. An uneven bite can cause teeth to become unevenly worn down. It can also cause strain and discomfort in the jaw, which may contribute to chronic headaches and teeth-grinding.

We Offer Invisalign

We understand that having a mouthful of metal can be unappealing for many adults. Invisalign is a teeth alignment system that is metal-free and can be worn without anyone noticing. Invisalign uses clear custom-made trays to straighten your teeth. Dental Partners of Boston has been an Invisalign Preferred Provider for years. We have the skills and experience necessary to give you the stunning results you want.

Contact us today for a consultation and we’ll get you on your way to a straighter, more beautiful smile.

For Oral Health, Drop That Soda and Drink Water

IT SEEMS LIKE EVERY WEEK a new study is published adding to the list of reasons why drinking soda is harmful. We at Dental Partners of Boston would like to emphasize just one of those reasons: soda consumption is a major cause of tooth decay.

Soda Damages Teeth And Gums More Than You Think

Soda is loaded with sugar and acid which erodes tooth enamel (the hard coating of your teeth). Sipping soda over a long period of time only compounds the problem. Every time you take a drink it covers your teeth and gums again for up to 20 minutes. The constant presence of bacteria-growing sugar and acid contributes not only to tooth decay, but gingivitis as well.

Drink Water for a Healthier Mouth

There are few things more important to your overall well-being than staying properly hydrated, but have you ever considered how beneficial drinking water is to your oral health? Drinking water during and after meals helps to wash away food particles and sugar, reducing bad breath and bacteria growth by up to 30 percent! Less acid-producing bacteria means less risk of cavities and gum disease. When brushing after eating isn’t possible, make sure to at least swish your mouth with water.

Minimize Damage From Soft Drinks

Completely cutting out soda isn’t something everyone wants to do, so when you do drink soda, remember these tips:

  1. Don’t sip over a long period of time.
  2. Don’t drink soda shortly before bedtime.
  3. Use a straw to keep the soda off your teeth.
  4. Brush your teeth or at least swish with water after drinking soda.

As part of your effort to maintain a healthy lifestyle, we at Dental Partners of Boston encourage you to remember these tips the next time you reach for a soda!

Thanks for being a valued patient at our practice!

A Guide To Holiday Foods From Dental Partners Of Boston

AS WE APPROACH the holiday season, it’s easy to get caught up in all the festivities with family and friends. While the holidays are fun, they can be hard on our teeth. Here are a few foods to watch out for during this exciting time of year!

Holiday Drinks

Drinks like hot chocolate, cider and eggnog are delicious… but they’re also loaded with sugar, which can interact with bacteria in your mouth to create tooth decay. Limit your intake of these sweet drinks. After enjoying your drink, rinse it down with a glass of water to wash away any sugary residue.

Peppermint Sticks

Candy canes are delicious, but they pose a double threat to your teeth. Firstly, candy canes take a long time to dissolve, which extends the amount of time your mouth is filled with sugar. Secondly, we’re often tempted to simply chomp down on them. Chewing on candy canes can be particularly bad for your teeth because the candy sticks to the crevices in your teeth.


These chewy sticky treats are problematic because they spend so much time stuck to your teeth. In addition, the sticky carmel can wreak havoc with braces, fillings and crowns.

Here Are Some Things You CAN Do To Keep Your Smile Healthy

We’re not saying you should deprive yourself of all holiday sweets this year. However, we encourage you to be diligent in taking care of your smile. Limit the number of treats you eat. Eat them with meals, or just once a day. Drink a lot of water, chew sugar-free gum and always keep up your brushing and flossing.

Happy Holiday and thanks for being our patients and friends!

Diabetes Is Linked To Periodontal Disease

NEARLY 30 MILLION AMERICANS suffer from diabetes. Diabetes is a disease that brings many complications with it, including nerve pain, glaucoma and kidney disease. Those with diabetes are also more likely to develop periodontal disease (gum disease).

You Can Prevent Periodontal Disease

Whether or not you have diabetes, gum disease can be prevented. Inform us if you have diabetes. We’ll be able to give you any special care necessary to manage or prevent gum disease.

Regular professional cleanings are essential to keep gum disease under control. If you have diabetes, you can’t afford to skip your regular appointments. Give us a call if you’re overdue!

Maintaining excellent dental hygiene habits will also go a long way. Brushing and flossing each day will help keep your mouth clean and minimize the bacteria that can cause gum disease.

Controlling Gum Disease Can Also Help You Control Blood Sugar

Recent research has shown that not only does diabetes contribute to gum disease, but periodontal disease may also make it harder to control diabetes. Keep your whole body healthy by keeping your teeth and gums clean. Contact us if we can help.

Thanks for being a valued part of our practice family!