When You Just Want a More Beautiful Smile

Attractive young women with a big smile.

Caption: Cosmetic dentistry will change the way you feel about sharing your gorgeous smile.

When you want straight teeth but you don’t want to wear metal braces, your answer is Invisalign®! It’s the alternative that you need to have a beautiful smile without using traditional wire braces.

You may like your smile, but why not fix that slightly crooked tooth? Restore the alignment of your teeth after time has altered the effects of the braces you endured in your youth. Invisalign® can even fix more dramatic problems that will improve the way you chew your food, speak, and smile.

Most people want to be able to offer a beautiful smile to those around them. Unfortunately, the discomfort that comes with misaligned teeth can affect how willing people are to share it. Feeling great about your smile is worth the time and investment with Invisalign® offered by Dental Partners of Boston.

Improving Your Smile

We offer a range of options to help our patients improve their smiles. Some of these options include botox and dermal filler, teeth whitening, and of course Invisalign® invisible braces.

Botox and Dermal Fillers

Botox and dermal fillers can change your lip structure so your smile appears balanced. While it’s not a conventional dental solution, they improve your smile without altering your teeth. Botox can also relieve headaches and pain from TMJ.

Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is a great solution if your teeth have become yellow or stained. Dental veneers may be the perfect solution for enhancing your smile or a combination of treatments for a full smile makeover. For most patients, however, they’re simply seeking to straighten their teeth.


Traditional braces work to straighten the teeth but they’re also an uncomfortable option compared to Invisalign®. Besides causing a little rawness inside your mouth, they can be difficult to live with. It takes a lot of effort to keep these traditional braces clean, especially if you already struggle with regular oral health habits like brushing and flossing twice a day.

With Invisalign® invisible braces, the advantages are clear – no pun intended! They work the same way that traditional braces do, but wearing them is discreet. No one will see the aligners you’re wearing as they are made from smooth, clear plastic material.

They are comfortable with no poking wires or broken brackets. You also don’t have to worry about getting food stuck in them as you can take them out to eat and brush your teeth. Other than brushing and eating, you leave your Invisalign® aligners in for 22/23 hours a day. This will ensure that you get the best possible results for straighter teeth and have an easier time maintaining them.

Considering Invisalign® by Dental Partners of Boston

If you’re thinking about getting your teeth straightened and you want to boost your confidence in your smile, contact us at Dental Partners of Boston. We’ll schedule a consultation with our amazing orthodontist, Dr. Yael Frydman, who will talk with you about your goals for your smile. Together you will create a treatment plan, and she’ll see you through the whole process.

How Strong Are Your Teeth, Really?

A man holding a toothbrush with toothpaste about to brush his teeth

Caption: Take good care of your teeth to keep them healthy and strong

Most of us are trained to look after our teeth from a young age. We know that we should brush at least twice a day and limit our intake of sugary products. In this article, we dive into some of the facts about teeth, and the reasons behind why we look after them the way we do. We also talk about what might happen if we don’t treat them right. You may find yourself looking for the best dental implants in Boston. Teeth need to be cared for through regular hygiene and regular dental exams.

So, let’s start off by taking a look at the facts about teeth.


There’s a reason why archaeologists often dig up the teeth of our ancient ancestors. The fact is that teeth are made of the hardest substance in the body, even harder than bone. Although teeth are made of the same calcium as all other bones, the enamel that covers them is especially strong. The surface of this enamel is 96% minerals, the highest percentage of minerals anywhere in the body. However, if the enamel is compromised, a cavity forms or gum disease might develop.


Although teeth are the strongest bone in the body, they are not indestructible. Misusing them, such as opening soda or beer bottles (not advisable), can and eventually will break your teeth. We see it happen often—someone using their teeth for something other than eating and speaking ends up in our office for tooth repair. Furthermore, teeth cannot repair themselves or heal like tissues in the body. This makes them particularly important to protect.


While the enamel on your teeth is quite strong, it is vulnerable to bacteria that thrive on sugar.  When sugar is present, the natural bacteria in your mouth start to consume and digest it, eventually producing enough acid waste that removes the enamel. This process is called demineralization, and if left unchecked, your teeth are vulnerable to decay. To protect your teeth, always brush thoroughly after consuming sugary products, or avoid them altogether.  Conversely, calcium counteracts the effects of sugar, along with fluoride from toothpaste and water.


Over-brushing or vigorous brushing can wear down your tooth enamel and cause the same vulnerabilities in your teeth as if you didn’t brush your teeth on a regular basis. It’s best to use a soft bristle brush and brush gently for 2 minutes. Follow up with an anti-cavity mouth wash.

As always, Dental Partners of Boston is available to help you achieve your optimal dental health. By treating your teeth right, and caring for them properly, replacing damaged or lost teeth due to decay will never be an issue. Please contact us to schedule an appointment for a professional cleaning and exam.

4 Ways to Improve Your Smile

Man with an impressive smile and good dental hygiene

Caption: Good first impressions begin with a gorgeous smile.

Consider the first impression you make at work or when meeting new people. So much of that comes down to your initial smile and how confident you are sharing it. If you have stained or crooked teeth it’s understandable that you will be a little self-conscious, but that little moment can make all the difference. If you want to achieve the perfect smile, here are four ways you might consider restoring your smile at Dental Partners of Boston through cosmetic dentistry.


So you have perfectly straight teeth, but the trouble is they seem to be a little dull? It’s so easy to stain your teeth with coffee, tea, wine, and general consumption. Your teeth may not appear as white as they used to, or not as white as you wish they did. We can help with in-office professional teeth whitening treatments.


Sadly, there is a high percentage of adults in the United States that are missing teeth or living with cracked teeth. Oral health is neglected, but when there are options like dental crowns and dental implants, patients need not suffer through tooth loss or pain. A dental crown is usually the ideal solution when a tooth is decayed or broken. A crown will restore the chewing surface of the tooth so you can eat and even in some cases, speak normally. Dental implants are our recommended solution for missing teeth. When an implant has integrated with the bone structures of your mouth, it will feel just like a natural tooth. We will create it to look like it belongs in your smile, so cosmetically, it won’t stick out. No one will know you have an implant, you may even forget it’s there.


If your teeth look and feel a bit worn out, you may be a good candidate for dental veneers, porcelain laminates that are bonded to the front of your teeth. It’s normal for teeth to begin to show the aging effects of daily wear and tear. For example, stains from certain foods we eat, grinding our teeth as we chew. You may choose to consider veneers to restore the beauty of a smile that has become damaged or discolored.


If you find yourself looking critically at the alignment of your teeth, wishing they were straighter, even as an adult there are solutions. We offer traditional braces, but most patients are electing to use Invisalign to achieve the straight-toothed smile they want. The benefits of using Invisalign are many. They’re clear, so others won’t notice you’re wearing them. They don’t use any wire that may irritate the inside of your mouth. The length of time needed to wear is shorter than it would be with wire braces. They’re removable which makes eating and cleaning your teeth easier.

With the demand for cosmetic dentistry options on the rise, we offer services that not only increase the beauty of your smile but correct dental problems. Please give us a call or schedule a consultation today. We look forward to meeting you.

Lives are Impacted Through Dentistry

Young woman with beautiful white teeth hugging herself

Caption: Feel great about your smile, and you’ll feel great about yourself.

Oral health has an influence on many aspects of our lives. When we are in good oral health, our bodies are also healthy. At Dental Partners of Boston, where you will find dentists ranked among the best dentists in Boston, we believe that a healthy body starts with a healthy mouth. However, when we are experiencing tooth pain or gum disease, the discomfort can be overwhelming. The loss of a tooth can lead to problems eating and speaking, but it can also affect a person’s self-confidence.  Modern dentistry provides solutions that restore patients to ideal dental health, impacting lives for the better.

In this post, we will talk about the life-impacting benefits of regular visits to the dentist. So, let’s get to it.


A cracked or chipped tooth can affect what you eat. Some people can only eat soft foods, or chew on one side of their mouth to avoid aggravating the painful area. This is detrimental to your quality of life because a diet consisting only of soft foods can have a serious impact on your nutrition and health. Thankfully, broken teeth can be repaired with a crown or replaced with a dental implant. The goal is to restore the proper function of your mouth. 


If you are self-conscious about your teeth, you may not be able to smile genuinely or feel confident to present in a business meeting. Reluctance to be seen or heard can seriously impact your career and quality of life. It can have an impact on your mental and emotional health. However, there are solutions to improve your smile. For example, if you are missing a tooth you can have the tooth replaced with a dental implant. A dental implant will allow you to feel comfortable again and smile naturally. Dental implants are indistinguishable from your natural teeth. 


The way you freely smile influences how others interpret who you are as a person. You should enjoy smiling; it brightens your countenance and displays a self-confidence that is attractive. At Dental Partners of Boston, we understand this, which is why we value aesthetics so highly. During your consultation, we will listen carefully to your objective and create a tailored treatment plan to address cosmetic concerns, such as teeth whitening, veneers, or dental implants to restore your smile.


Dental pain is no fun. It can affect you during the day and night and prevent you from eating. If you find yourself in pain, please give us a call to schedule an appointment with one of our excellent dentists. Relief is closer than you might think. We formed our group practice so that each specialist can apply his or her expertise to your unique situation. Working together, we can guarantee that we will find the dental solution that suits you best and relieves your pain. 


We know that many patients find coming to the dentist to be an anxious experience. Please communicate with us when you feel this way. We have methods to help you feel calm while you are in our care, and we are happy to discuss these options with you. Don’t neglect your dental health by avoiding regular teeth cleanings and exams.  It’s important to catch cavities and gum disease early. if these infections are left to worsen, it could lead to tooth loss and periodontal disease. We have excellent techniques and sedation options so you can feel comfortable while receiving the care you need.


At Dental Partners of Boston, we work with difficult cases, such as disease or issues following an injury. Even if a patient has been unable to find a solution elsewhere, we can consult with our specialist in-house dentists and work with each other to deliver an ideal result.  


Even our lives as dentists are impacted by the work we do. It is rewarding and satisfying to see a patient’s outward joy at having their smile restored. We see people who can’t stop smiling after they see their smiles for the first time and patients often leave our office with happy tears in their eyes. It is for these reasons and more that we do what we do. Please contact us today to schedule an appointment.

What Does a Prosthodontist Do?

Senior woman smiles confidently with dentures while talking on the phone

Caption: Our experienced prosthodontists will support you through the denture process.

There are several reasons why people might lose their teeth and require a dental prosthetic, like a crown or dentures in Boston. Gum disease is one of those reasons, another is broken or damaged teeth due to illness, age, or a sporting accident. A prosthodontist specializes in the field of dental prosthetics and is the most qualified person to advise and treat your dental issues when restoring or replacing a tooth is necessary. 


We have several prosthodontists available to help you here at Dental Partners of Boston. They may recommend that you install a set of dentures. If your teeth are damaged or missing, the function of your teeth for chewing and speaking and overall health might be affected. Effective dentures will not only restore the function of your mouth and your eating habits, but they will also protect the integrity of your jaw and facial bone structure. They will also protect your health from harmful diseases caused by unhealthy teeth.   


A certified prosthodontist such as our Dr. Michael G. O’Toole might suggest you install conventional dentures. These very common and effective types of oral prosthetics can form to the exact shape and contours of your mouth structures. 

To have these dentures installed, you will first need to have the arch prepared. While the tissue heals, which may take a few months, your prosthetic teeth will be made up. You will then return to have them fitted so you can comfortably and confidently wear them. 


Immediate dentures are also an option, especially if all of your teeth need to be removed on the same day. A professional prosthodontist such as Dr. Shiro Kamachi, may oversee your treatment and ensure you get the best treatment possible so that you have success.  Unlike conventional dentures, immediate dentures are fitted on the same day your teeth are removed. These initial dentures are temporary. On your preliminary visit, our dentists will take measurements and make models of your mouth. To others, you will look as if you have normal teeth while you heal. 


Overdentures may be an option for you if you still have reliable teeth to work with. During your consultation, a qualified prosthodontist such as Dr. Kumiko Kamachi can decide which option is best for you. Individuals sometimes need overdentures. 

To preserve the integrity of your jawline, it makes sense to retain any teeth that are still in good condition. To keep this integrity, but also improve your mouth’s function with dentures, a prosthetic attaches to or sits over the remaining teeth. This is an overdenture. 


A prosthodontist will sometimes work with a general dentist to ensure that a patient’s health needs are properly met. Here at our office, our prosthodontists not only facilitate your dental treatment, but they are also interested in how that treatment benefits your wider health.  

At Dental Partners of Boston, we have several highly qualified prosthodontists available to care for your oral health. These include Dr. Carly Park, Dr. Jessica Lau, and Dr. Brett Stein, among others. They are ready to meet with you and answer all your questions during a consultation and exam. Please contact us to schedule an appointment today.

Dental Implants: Invisible Tooth Replacements

A man looking at his dental implants in the mirror.

A man looking at his dental implants in the bathroom mirror. Caption: A dental implant can look so natural no one will be able to tell it’s there!

The removal of a natural tooth may be necessary following an accident or injury, sometimes following an illness. Many patient’s main worry with tooth removal is their appearance. They worry if the gap will show in their smile, affect their speech or their ability to eat certain foods. Luckily, when you have dental implants to replace the missing teeth, no one will notice it’s not your natural teeth. And that includes you! A dental implant or implants look and feel just like natural teeth. You can eat, talk, and smile freely.

What Is A Dental Implant?

Dental implants are a popular way to replace missing teeth. They’re an effective, long-term solution designed to blend in with your other teeth. A dental implant has been one of the biggest advances in dentistry over the last forty years.

The implants themselves are made of titanium and a mixture of other materials compatible with the human body. The implant functions as a sturdy anchor for a crown that looks as good as a natural tooth.

What To Expect

When you come in for a dental implant, you will have experts explain the process to you during your consultation. We understand the importance to patients of understanding each step in the process. You will have opportunities to ask all your questions and get thorough answers.

First, we will schedule a consultation with you so we can understand your individual case. We will perform an examination and discuss recommendations. Sometimes, we will want to consider options with the other dentists in our office so we can give you the best solutions. We’ll have you return to the office and talk with you about the best solution. It’s at this point that we will carefully go over what you can expect during the extraction, healing process, implant placement, and crown placement.

We understand that patients can often feel nervous about getting dental implants. Please talk to us about any concerns you feel before any procedure. We have sedation options to help you feel comfortable, but you’ll find a lot of reassurance knowing what the process entails. We welcome all your questions.

Dental Partners Of Boston For Invisible Tooth Replacements

Getting a dental implant that completely satisfies you is what we do at Dental Partners of Boston. There is no need to hide your smile, even if the replacement tooth is one of your two front teeth. It will be similar in shape, size, color, and best of all, it will feel like it’s your real tooth. You may even forget it’s there.

If you are ready to ask about getting a dental implant, please give us a call today or schedule an appointment online. We look forward to welcoming you to our practice.

4 Things to Know About Getting a Brighter Smile

Beautiful woman with white teeth smiling while holding up a paper heart.

Try teeth whitening to show your loved one a happy smile this Valentine’s Day.

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, there’s never been a better time to get a brighter smile. If you’re looking to blow your loved one away with a radiant smile, here are four things you should know about teeth whitening.

1. Why Teeth Become Discolored

Our teeth can become discolored for a variety of reasons, one of the biggest culprits is food and drink. Coffee and tea, red wine, soy sauce, and tomato-based sauces can all stain our teeth. Color pigments named chromogens fix themselves to the enamel, which leads to discoloration. Tobacco is another leading cause of discolored teeth, leaving a yellow tint on the surface. Age also contributes to teeth discoloration, as the outer enamel naturally becomes thinner.

2. Options for Teeth Whitening

To get a brighter smile the best thing to do is to visit us at Dental Partners of Boston for a whitening procedure. In-office teeth whitening generally takes under one hour. We will first evaluate your teeth and then make simple preparations for the process. There are several benefits to in-house teeth whitening, including:

  • Quick and easy, an in-house visit is the most convenient way to whiten your teeth.
  • Professional dentists fully trained in teeth whitening processes.
  • Fast results, get several shades whiter in just one hour.
  • Education about the process to keep your mind at ease.

Another option is purchasing a teeth-whitening kit for at-home use. These kits are generally less convenient and effective. If you experience side-effects, it’s more useful to have the support of a trained dentist.

3. Possible Side Effects

Some patients experience sensitivity, it’s likely because the whitener has penetrated the dentin, and irritated the tooth. Most of the time, this sensitivity is merely temporary. Another issue is that overusing whiteners can actually damage the gums or tooth enamel. It’s advisable to have the treatment with our dentists, to avoid any issues. Our dentists can answer any questions you have about side effects and the overall procedure.

4. How Teeth Whitening Works

The teeth whitening process is straightforward and safe. Teeth whitening products contain hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide. Both of these are bleaches, they fade stains on the teeth, to give you a brighter smile. The teeth bleaching gel works into the enamel and reaches the dentin. The bleach contains molecules of oxygen, which help the discolored particles to break down. After just one tooth whitening session you’ll be amazed at the gleam in your smile. To beautify your smile this Valentine’s Day, treat yourself to a cosmetic teeth whitening procedure.

Dental Partners of Boston Can Help

Dental Partners of Boston is one of the best dental practices in Boston, you won’t be disappointed with our expert teeth whitening procedures. We strive to exceed patient expectations in everything we do. With our extensive experience and our talented dental team, we can meet all of your dentistry needs. For more information about our in-house teeth whitening procedures, please request an appointment.

Possible Causes and Solutions for Sensitive Teeth

Sensitive teeth cause a woman to hold her cheek in pain while drinking coffee.

Sensitive teeth? Come see us at Dental Partners of Boston.

During the pandemic, dental schedules were disrupted when dental offices shut down due to COVID-19. We have been open for several months now working hard to schedule check-ups, including regular cleanings and oral exams. While much energy is spent on staying healthy and safe, we must not forget our teeth. When was the last time you had a dental cleaning and a check-up? If it’s been 6 months or more, you may start to notice changes in your dental health, including tooth sensitivity. Even if you take great care of your teeth, a professional cleaning and oral health check-up are important overall health care habits.

Possible Causes for Sensitive Teeth

Do you experience sensitivity while drinking cold water? Does drinking hot coffee hurt your teeth? Does breathing in a delicious breath of cool outside air make your teeth ache? That’s tooth sensitivity. There are various causes of sensitive teeth that Dental Partners of Boston can address. Teeth become sensitive when they are neglected, or the enamel is worn and the nerve is exposed. Other reasons for sensitive teeth include worn fillings, cracked teeth, or gum disease, to name a few.

Healthy teeth have a cover of enamel that protects the crowns of your teeth. Additionally, cementum is under your gum line and protects your roots. Underneath your cementum and enamel coating is dentin. Your dentin has small channels that cold or hot beverages can penetrate. When drinks reach your nerve they can cause pain in your teeth and gums. If not treated properly, this can result in hypersensitivity.  Patients with hypersensitivity report almost constant discomfort.

Treating Sensitive Teeth

Treating sensitive teeth may only need a good professional cleaning. If the problem goes deeper, you may need to see a Boston periodontist such as our own Dr. Sergio Guzman, if a problem has developed in your gums. A periodontist has the tools and skills necessary to clean underneath the gum line to treat damage from gum disease. The type of treatment patients receive for tooth sensitivity is dependent on what the problem is.

At home, you can use desensitizing toothpaste. The toothpaste creates a layer between your teeth, gums, and nervous system within your teeth. This may help prevent pain but will take several applications before a noticeable improvement. Contact us if you aren’t able to make a difference on your own.

If the pain comes from decay or imperfections in your teeth, we can treat it with a crown, inlay, or bonding. To reduce sensitivity caused by gum tissue that has become diseased, we may recommend laser treatment. If the sensitivity becomes severe and persistent and cannot be treated by any other means, we may recommend a root canal.

Maintain Good Oral Hygiene

The best way to keep your gums and teeth healthy and strong is to maintain high standards of oral hygiene. We have new protocols to keep our patients and our team safe during the pandemic. Don’t hesitate to schedule an appointment. If you are experiencing uncomfortable flashes of pain and discomfort, make sure to visit us as soon as possible. Please contact us to make an appointment today.

Aging and Cosmetic Dentistry Concerns

Cosmetic dentistry helps a senior woman smile confidently

Cosmetic dentistry helps a senior woman smile confidently. Caption: Choose cosmetic dentistry to refresh and brighten up a dull-looking smile.

You’re never too old to improve your smile. Over time, your teeth are likely to become discolored, worn, or chipped. These are normal changes, but sometimes such damage can lead to some discomfort or a feeling of self-consciousness. As your dental health changes and your smile starts to dull, cosmetic dentistry options may provide the perfect solution.

Teeth Whitening

A good way to give yourself a bright smile once again is to have your teeth whitened. Certain foods, drinks, and habits like smoking can affect the color of your teeth. Wine and coffee actually stain enamel. As far as cosmetic dentistry goes, whitening will remove those stains and give your teeth an even, pearly gleam.


Dental veneers bond to the front of your teeth. They are made of ultra-thin, customized material, and designed to give you beautifully shaped white teeth. They’re considered to be a conservative and subtle treatment when it comes to cosmetic dentistry options to revamp your smile. Dental veneers may also be a great option for damaged teeth.

Tooth-Colored Fillings

A traditional amalgam filling is easily identifiable because of its dark silver color. It can even change the white appearance of the tooth itself. Over time, silver fillings discolor the tooth’s enamel, making it look slightly gray. Amalgam can also expand and contract as you eat or drink hot or cold foods, which can cause teeth to crack.  If you dislike the way they show in your smile, we can replace them will tooth-colored fillings. Made out of composite materials, white fillings are the preferred option when repairing cavities. With a tooth-colored filling, no one else will see that you have one at all.

Dental Implants

Dental implants are a good option for those who have missing teeth. Everyone’s teeth are subject to decay and disease after a lifetime of use. Sometimes it’s necessary to have a tooth extracted for dental and overall health, but it’s ideal to leave a gap. Dental bridges may not always be an option, in which case we recommend an implant to replace the missing tooth or teeth. Not only do they provide a solid base for restoration, just like a natural tooth root, but they also look just like your natural teeth. Dental implants also feel just like your natural tooth and function so well that you may even forget it’s there yourself.

Choose Dental Partners Of Boston For Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry gives our patients options to restore their smiles. Here at Dental Partners of Boston, we’re more than happy to answer all your questions about rejuvenating your smile.  Request an appointment today and let us work with you to get a smile you love, whatever your age. Everyone deserves a healthy, bright, and beautiful smile!

Looking for the Best Dentist to Work With in 2021?

Ethnic woman sitting in a dental chair smiling.

Read about the dental options available to you in 2021.

Looking after your health is more important now than ever. Your teeth and oral care are essential to feeling happy and healthy. However, if you haven’t visited the dentist in a while, it’s possible that you have developed dental problems. If you are looking for one of the best dentists in Boston, please contact Dental Partners of Boston and ask about our services.

Dental Services at Dental Partners Of Boston

We offer a range of services at Dental Partners of Boston that include cosmetic dentistry. Some of our cosmetic services include teeth whitening, veneers, dental implants, and orthodontics. Our patients receive great care and attention when they come to see us for their dental needs. Even during the pandemic, we continue to provide safe and comfortable care at our offices.

All our services are done by experienced and talented doctors who have helped many of our patients perfect their smiles. Our patients having confidence in their teeth and maintaining good oral care is important to us. We want to make sure your teeth last for your lifetime. Should you need help with damaged or missing teeth, we have a number of procedures to help restore your smile.

Our Approach To COVID-19

COVID-19 has had a huge impact on us all and continues to do so. We don’t want anyone to suffer from contracting the virus. With that being said, we’ve made a few changes to our practice to ensure that you can safely attend dental appointments throughout this pandemic.

You can expect contact from us 48-72 hours prior to your appointment and asked a set of health-related questions. A detailed video is sent that shows you what to expect when you arrive and demonstrates everything we do to keep you and our teams safe. We have enhanced our operatory disinfection procedures, both before and after all appointments, and added a night disinfection procedure.

We will take your temperature upon entering the office. Payment is in advance to avoid a close contact conversation. Don’t worry, we will still take the time to answer all your questions while you are here.

We’ve got longer appointment times in place to ensure we limit the number of people in the building. We also provide teledentistry services to reduce exposure risk and takes place prior to help avoid any confusion. Our teledentistry services are to discuss your treatment and financials ahead of time.

Why Choose Us?

Just like our actions towards the pandemic, we want to ensure safety is at the forefront of everything we do. Choosing Dental Partners of Boston has always been a good decision, but even more so in 2021. We look after all our patients, making sure they feel comfortable in our care, especially in these unprecedented times. Don’t hesitate to get in touch and request an appointment today.