3 Ways To Avoid Gagging During Dental Appointments

DID YOU KNOW 1 IN 5 patients tend to gag while receiving dental treatment? This can be more than an unpleasant problem. Many people avoid the dentist because of their strong gag reflex. Here at Dental Partners of Boston we want you to feel comfortable and confident whenever you come to see us. So here are some tips, if you suffer from an overactive gag reflex.

Tips To Combat A Strong Gag Reflex

Communicate Your Anxiety.

Let your dental team know that you struggle with a strong gag reflex. We have methods to help you cope and have a less stressful dental appointment.

Remember To Breathe.

Breathing through the nose helps patients with strong gag reflexes relax, which in turn helps them avoid gagging during their dental procedures.

Master The Art Of Distraction.

Distracting yourself from what is going on inside of your mouth is probably one of the best ways to keep from gagging. Whether it is talking to the person working on your mouth, moving your foot or listening to some music, distraction has been found to keep people from gagging.

We Want To Provide The Best Care Possible

Do you have tips of your own to help other patients? It’s surprising the simple things that can help. Some patients schedule appointments later in the day. Some swear by putting a little bit of salt on the tongue. Share your own tips below!

If you need any special care or attention please let us know. We want to give you the care you deserve.

Thanks for your trust in our practice!

A Surprising Solution To An Aging Smile

IS YOUR SMILE LOOKING tired and worn down? Maybe it’s time to think about cosmetic dentistry from Dental Partners of Boston. Think about the perks that come from being proud of your smile: being glad to smile in pictures again… having confidence when you meet new people… that glow of satisfaction when you smile at yourself in the mirror each morning.

It’s easier than you think to rejuvenate an aging smile. And you’ll be amazed at the results.

Our Lumineers Are Non-Invasive, Natural-Looking, And Effective

We have options for minimal-prep, non-invasive veneers that give you beautiful results.

Learn more about Lumineers on our website.

How Can Veneers Renew Your Smile?

Eliminate Stains

Some discoloration happens to all of our teeth as we age. Since this is often a result of thinning enamel, a simple whitening procedure may not give you the results you want. Veneers will bring a glow to your smile. But, thanks to our experienced cosmetic dentists’ training, we’ll carefully plan the shade to match your face, giving you a natural look.

Smooth Worn, Misshapen, Or Chipped Teeth

Life knocks us all around a bit. And since our teeth don’t regrow, or repair themselves, you may simply be left with little chips and cracks that give away your age. But veneers can restore the shape of your teeth, giving your smile a balanced, more youthful look.

Add Supportive Volume To Your Face

This is the most surprising change for most people. Veneers (depending on how we shape and plan them) can add supportive volume to your smile. As we age, our teeth wear down, both on the surface, and on the chewing edge. Lowered volume in both these places can make your smile look collapsed-in. But if we can add volume to your teeth, it will fill out your face better. It can even take away the appearance of aging lines around your mouth.

Take care of your smile – it’s an important asset.

Curious? Talk to us about what veneers can do for your smile.

Thanks for your trust in our practice. We appreciate you!

Be Prepared For Dental Emergencies

WHEN’S THE RIGHT TIME to learn what to do with a knocked-out tooth? BEFORE a tooth gets knocked out, of course! Here at Dental Partners of Boston we want to help you be prepared if you ever have to face a dental emergency, so read on for some simple instructions.

Tips For Your Dental Emergencies:

Here are a few tips that will help minimize the damage until you can come in to see us.

Knocked Out Teeth

If you get a knocked out permanent tooth, make sure to keep it moist at all times. If possible try and put the tooth back in its socket. If that doesn’t work, keep the tooth in between your cheek and gums or in milk. Knocked out teeth have the best chance of being saved if you are seen by a dentist within the hour.

Cracked Or Chipped Tooth

Rinse out your mouth with warm water to clean out your mouth. Put an ice bag or cold compress to your face near the area of the tooth to keep the swelling down. Save any pieces and try to see your dentist as soon as possible.

Broken Hardware

Whether it is a broken crown or filling, it is important to come see us as soon as possible. If you have lost a filling you can place some sugar-free gum over the tooth until your appointment (sugary gum will cause pain). If you have a broken crown, try and see if you can get the crown back over the tooth until you can come see us.

We Do What We Can To Accommodate Emergencies

These tips will help minimize the damage but the most important thing is to call your dentist right away. If you have an emergency when our offices are closed, we’ll forward your call either to your personal dentist, or our doctor on-call. We’ll be able to give you the necessary treatment to restore your smile. If you have any questions about what do during any type of dental emergency feel free to contact us!

Stop Thinking About Straightening Your Smile And Just DO It

EVERYONE WANTS A SMILE they can be proud of. But many people hesitate to take that step and begin orthodontic treatment.

Well, we can’t blame you. It’s a big decision. We’ve noticed that for many adults, the biggest impediment is the thought of sentencing themselves to brace-face-status for months or even years.

Invisalign Provides The Perfect Alternative

Here at Dental Partners of Boston, we treat numerous adults who are seeking a healthier, more beautiful and balanced smile. That’s why we’re a Preferred Provider of Invisalign, since 2011.

You can trust us for well-planned treatment, and stunning results.

How You’ll Benefit From Orthodontic Treatment

  • Your personal dental hygiene is easier. Without crowding, gaps, and misalignment, your teeth are cleaner, preventing gum disease and tooth decay.
  • A balanced bite prevents TMD in the future; that includes headaches, grinding teeth at night, and uneven wear on your teeth.
  • With a smile that you’re proud of, you project confidence and inspire trust. You’ll find it handy in your love life, your professional prospects, and your personal wellbeing.

Why Choose Invisalign?

  • The aligners are virtually invisible, so no covering up your smile.
  • They’re also smooth and comfortable, unlike the wires and brackets that can drive you crazy.
  • You’ll need less visits to our office, since all you have to do is switch out the trays every few weeks.

The Time Is Now

Don’t put it off any longer. You’ll be so grateful that you took the plunge and embarked on this transformation.

Call us to set up your consultation! And if you have any friends who are curious about orthodontic treatment, pass on this message!

Thanks for your trust in our practice.


Tired Of Your Denture? Consider Full Mouth Implants.

DENTURES HAVE COME A LONG WAY. With modern technology and care, you can get a denture that suits your face, and fits comfortably in your mouth. And the adhesives, while they aren’t perfect, are much better than they were 20 years ago.

But Your Dentures Might Still Be Driving You Crazy

We understand. You can’t eat the foods you love! You hate the feeling of insecure teeth. You worry about your denture clacking when you talk.

In addition, your health isn’t what it should be. Jaw bone mass deteriorates when it’s not connected to any teeth. It retreats and makes your face look more sunken. And as your mouth keeps changing shape, your dentures become uncomfortable again and need to be re-fitted.

There’s An Alternative

Dental implants were discovered back in the 50’s. Our modern system of dental implants has been around since the 70’s. In the last decade or so, with modern materials and surgical methods, dental implants have really taken off as a successful, affordable, and practical solution for missing teeth.

And with dental implants, we can make fixed, permanent dentures that will be comfortable and functional for YOU.

The Advantages Of Dental Implants

  • It’s a safe procedure, with a high success rate.
  • It’s a permanent solution for missing teeth.
  • No more shifting and detaching like your old dentures. You can treat your new, fixed denture just like normal teeth!
  • Your bone structure is preserved, so you have a more youthful, healthy look.

Dental Partners Of Boston Is Experienced In Implants

People from all over New England come to us to get their permanent dentures placed. We have the experience, the tech, and the know-how to get you beautiful, safe, and permanent results.

So, ready for a dental procedure that can truly change your life? Talk to us about full jaw replacement, using dental implants.

Thanks for your trust in our practice!

Are You Remembering To Floss?

FLOSSING IS A KEY COMPONENT in your personal dental care. However, it may not always be the most convenient.

Why Should I Floss?

Brushing & flossing is more effective than brushing alone. This may seem like a no-brainer, but many people still do not regularly floss. A toothbrush does a great job at removing the plaque from open surfaces, but does little good cleaning in between the teeth. If you only brush then you miss 35% of the surface area of your teeth.

Flossing protects your gums. Flossing is your first defense against gum disease. If unchecked, gum disease can lead to red swollen gums, bleeding, tooth and bone loss. Not only is gum disease bad for your mouth, but it’s been linked to a number of systemic diseases, such as heart disease and dementia.

Are You Flossing Correctly?

The American Dental Association has a few tips for flossing:

  • Do it! Make a habit and pick a time every day when you can floss.
  • Be gentle. Flossing should not be painful and your gums should not be bleeding. If either of these happen while you floss, come see us.
  • Use about 18 inches of floss so you can wrap it around your fingers, and so you can use a clean bit for each tooth.
  • Don’t forget your kids! Help your children floss while they are young and teach them to floss when they are old enough. This will help them develop good oral health habits.

Being diligent in your flossing is one of the best things you can do for your oral and overall health. Flossing will keep the plaque and tartar away and keep your mouth healthy.

Let us know if you have any questions about flossing or any other dental-health subject. We love hearing from you!

Thanks for your trust in our practice.

Overall Health Is Linked To Your Oral Health

DID YOU KNOW PROBLEMS in your mouth can have a huge effect on the health of the rest of your body? When you protect and care for your oral health you are protecting your total-body wellness.

How Can Dental Issues Affect My Health?

Gum disease is perhaps one of the the most serious problems for both your oral health and overall health. Gum disease has been linked to many other diseases that affect the rest of the body. For example…

Heart Disease: Bacteria and inflammation from periodontal disease can get into your bloodstream and harm your arteries.

Dementia: Gum disease has been linked to Alzheimer’s and dementia. Gingivitis-causing bacteria has been found in the brains of those affected with Alzheimer’s.

Diabetic Complications: If your gums are inflamed it can make it harder to control your blood sugar, and exacerbate your diabetes symptoms.

Other Things That Affect Both Oral and Overall Health:

Certain medications can affect your oral health. Things like decongestants, antihistamines, oral contraceptives and painkillers can all reduce saliva in your mouth. This will increase the acids and bacteria in your mouth.

Other diseases that are associated with the body and oral health include osteoporosis, rheumatoid arthritis, HIV/AIDS, and obesity.

So let us know if you have any of the health conditions we’ve mentioned in this post. We want to be able to factor that into your treatment and our advice for your home care, in order to give you the best oral health possible.

Take Care Of Your Mouth, Take Care Of Your Body

Even though we view the mouth and body as separate, they’re very closely connected. Taking care of your body is key to oral health, and vice versa. Let us know if you have any questions at all. You can submit a comment below, check us out on our Facebook page, or give us a call!

Thanks for your trust in our practice!

Dental Health And Pregnancy

CONGRATULATIONS ON THIS EXCITING time of life! You have so much to think about during pregnancy… so let us make it a little easier. We want to give you a friendly reminder to care for your teeth and gums during pregnancy! Good dental health has been linked to better health for both mom and baby.

Pregnant Women Often Develop Gum Disease

During pregnancy, you may experience what is called “Pregnancy gingivitis”. Pregnancy gingivitis is triggered by the increased amounts of hormones in the body. High levels of progesterone and estrogen can increase inflammation in your gums.

A Few Tips To Help You Keep In Good Oral Health:

  • Make sure you floss every day. It is even more important to floss during pregnancy because of increased bacteria and inflammation.
  • Brush at least twice a day. Most dentists suggest using a mouthwash that doesn’t contain alcohol, just to be safe.
  • Let us know that you’re expecting. We can meet with you and go over a treatment and care plan for the duration of your pregnancy.

Dental Visits During Pregnancy Are Safe And Recommended

Keeping up with regular dental treatment is highly recommended. Any major dental work that is not an emergency is usually put off until after the baby is born. However, if there is an emergency we are prepared to take every precaution necessary to help keep you and your baby safe and healthy.

If you have any questions or concerns please call and make an appointment with us today!

We Offer Same Day Partial Crowns

NOBODY LIKES GETTING DENTAL WORK DONE. Taking time out of your busy schedule to be prodded and numbed is just not appealing. We know that you have things to do and people to see, and that’s why we offer same-day partial crowns.

Sometimes tooth decay is too big of a problem for a dental filling, but too small for a dental crown. In those cases, we often use partial crowns, also called inlays and onlays.

It Means Less Time And Stress For You

Inlays and onlays are designed to fit your tooth like a puzzle piece, replacing the decayed parts of the tooth. We use Cerec 3 technology so we can offer you same day partial crowns. This means we can fix up your teeth in one quick and easy visit, instead of two.

  • First, we carefully match the partial crown to the color of your teeth.
  • Then, we’ll numb both your gums and teeth.
  • When you’re comfortable, we’ll clean your tooth and remove anything that will impede the placement of your partial crown.
  • Then, using Cerec 3, we create a custom-milled partial crown that will perfectly fit in your tooth. The crown is then placed and bonded to your tooth.

Partial Crowns Protect Your Mouth’s Healthy Function

We use porcelain in our partial crowns. This reduces the risk of allergic reactions, and is aesthetically ideal, since it blends perfectly with your natural teeth. Partial crowns are strong and long-lasting. They will help protect your tooth from further decay and keeps your tooth’s natural structure in place.

Our Resources Give You The Very Best Care

Here at Dental Partners of Boston, we pride ourselves in keeping on the cutting-edge of dental technology and techniques. Whatever your needs, we have the resources to provide you with effective, convenient, and high-quality care.

If ever you have any questions about the methods and technology we use to treat your oral health, just ask! We’re always happy to talk with you.

Thanks for your trust in our dental practice. We appreciate you!

Keep Your Smile Strong As You Age

TIME CAN REALLY DO A NUMBER on our bodies. And your smile is no exception. Here are a few pointers for keeping your teeth in tip top shape, no matter your age.

Eat A Balanced Diet

First of all, be conscious of the foods you eat and whether they clean your mouth, or feed oral bacteria. Fresh fruits and vegetables often help fight plaque by scrubbing your teeth as you chew them. However, sugar and starches help cavity-causing bacteria to multiply in your mouth.

Second of all, make sure you’re supporting your dental health with the proper vitamins and minerals. Milk and other dairy products are rich in calcium, which will help strengthen your teeth. Vitamin D helps your body regulate and store calcium. Vitamin B and vitamin K are also important to support the health of your teeth and gums.

Treat Heartburn

Heartburn is when stomach acids escape into the esophagus. If these acids reach your mouth they can do serious damage to your tooth enamel. If you have symptoms of chronic heartburn, talk to your doctor. Solving the problem will help both your overall health, and your teeth.

Avoid Over Brushing

Brushing too hard or too fast can wear down your enamel very quickly. You should choose toothbrushes with soft bristles. These are easier on your teeth. Also, here’s an important tip to keep in mind: wait 30 minutes after eating acidic foods to brush your teeth. Acidic food softens the enamel. Brushing right after an acid attack can further weaken the enamel.

Don’t Neglect Regular Dental Cleanings

One of the very best ways to avoid dangerous gum disease is by keeping your regular dental cleanings. At these appointments, we can clean beneath the gum line.

Keeping your teeth strong is important for your health. Make sure you keep up with your daily oral hygiene along with your regularly scheduled visits.

Let us know if you have any questions about how to keep your teeth healthy and strong for life!