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Periodontal care involves maintaining the health of your gums and the bones in your mouth. The goal is to prevent or eradicate issues such as gum disease by eliminating any infections, protecting the roots of the teeth, controlling the inflammation of the gums, and treating any other situations that may develop. To regain optimal oral health, it requires the assistance of experienced periodontists who can offer effective gum therapy.

At Dental Partners of Boston, our team offers professional care with a variety of available treatments so we can be certain to meet your individual needs. At your appointment, one of our specialists will thoroughly evaluate your situation by testing the depth of your gums and checking for any bone loss or other potential complications. After the examination, we will work with you to implement the ideal procedure for the situation, such as root planing and scaling or other methods of recovery. It is critical to obtain proper care quickly, because periodontal disease can contribute to complications such as tooth loss, heart disease, respiratory issues, and other serious health problems. The sooner we take action to eradicate infection or damage to the oral cavity, the easier the treatment process will be.

Recognizing and Treating the Problem

Swollen, red and bleeding gums are signs of an unhealthy mouth. In addition to bad breath, these conditions can affect your total body health, contributing to heart disease and other serious illnesses. Thanks to the many advanced treatments our periodontists offer, Dental Partners of Boston can help you reverse and manage your periodontal disease. Soft tissue grafts can cover tooth roots, decrease sensitivity, or replace missing tissue from a receding gum line. Grafts can be taken from the roof of your mouth or other areas. Our Boston periodontists' expert techniques can create an effective outcome that you will enjoy for years to come.

Our periodontal team’s dedication to extraordinary patient care and comfort ensures high-quality results with a gentle touch. Make an appointment to find out more about how our periodontal team at Dental Partners of Boston can help keep your gums healthy.

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Boston Periodontist, Dr. Sergio A. Guzman

Sergio Guzman
D.M.D., M.S.D.