Tooth Extraction in Boston

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We Will Consider All Options Available To Save Your Damaged Tooth Before Recommending An Extraction.

Most patients who come to the dentist dread the thought of a tooth extraction. The thing is, it’s mostly the idea of it that gives patients cause to feel worried than the actual procedure itself. Tooth extraction in Boston is performed by our experienced dentists or - in some cases - an oral surgeon. It’s a routine procedure today, and less about pliers and whiskey than it used to be!

Tooth extraction in Boston comes with anesthetic, experienced and friendly dentists and excellent aftercare to ensure that you are left in the most comfortable way possible. Dental tooth extraction in Boston involves removing a tooth from the place in the jaw bone. Which is performed in a dental office or in rare cases, a hospital. A dental extraction is usually recommended when tooth decay is so severe, nothing else can be done to save the tooth. We will do all that we can to ensure any available procedure to save your tooth is considered before an extraction is recommended.

Types of Tooth Extractions

For most dentists in Boston, there are two types of tooth extractions. The type that you are given is dependent on your needs, and it depends on how bad the tooth decay. Let’s explore both types of tooth extraction:

Why Tooth Extraction in Boston?

Your permanent adult teeth are supposed to last you a lifetime. The problem is that this is only the case when teeth are unaffected by illness, and they are well cared for. If there are problems with the teeth later on in life, or a condition has caused them to loosen, extraction may be necessary. Here are a few possible reasons patients may need a full extraction.

Damage Due To Decay

When tooth decay gets to the pulp of the tooth in the center, the bacteria can invade the pulp, causing an infection and leading to root canal treatment being necessary. This usually works to treat the infection, but extraction is often then performed to stop the spread of infection further. Our dentists can examine your affected tooth and give you the best option, whether that’s an extraction or a full root canal.

Periodontal Disease

Gum infections can be challenging to manage if left too late, and its a disease that affects all areas of the mouth when it spreads too far. When periodontal disease pulls the gum too far from the tooth, extraction may be necessary.

Impacted Teeth

More common in wisdom teeth, impacted teeth occur when the tooth is blocked from coming out. Sometimes, the gums do not erupt fully to allow enough space for the tooth to come out. This is when a dentist may ask you whether extraction would bring more comfort. It can also prevent damage to other teeth, and extraction can prevent overcrowding and infection.

Tooth Extraction Procedure

The process of tooth extraction in Boston doesn't take very long. You’ll have had x-rays taken before your extraction appointment, so when you come in, we will get straight to it. The tooth, gum, and bone will all be anesthetized using a local numbing agent. There is also nitrous oxide to keep you calm throughout the procedure and manage anxious patients. The extraction will feel more like pressure than pain, and there is no need to go the surgical route for a standard extraction. If you do feel any pain at all, letting us know straight away is essential as you shouldn't feel pain during the removal itself. After the extraction, gauze will be packed into the site, and it must be cared for a few days. Medication may be prescribed to manage any discomfort, and the gums will heal within a few weeks, with the missing tooth replaced with a denture or implant. Some of the rules that you must follow after extraction include:

Sectioning A Tooth

Some teeth require sectioning, and it’s a common thing to do when teeth are firmly anchored, and the socket cannot expand to remove it. The dentist will cut the tooth into sections, removing one piece at a time until the entire tooth is removed. This doesn't happen in every case, so don’t worry too much about it unless your dentist discusses it with you. Again, it shouldn't produce pain as the anesthetic numbs the nerves.

Why Choose Dental Partners of Boston

Dental Partners of Boston offer tooth extraction in Boston that is performed by some of the brightest dentists in the Boston area. Our tooth extraction procedures are designed to keep you as comfortable as possible, and if you have any severe pain or bleeding in the first 24 hours that does not stop, you need to contact us for further instruction. If you are in need of dental extraction in the Boston area, don’t hesitate to schedule an appointment. Our friendly team will be more than happy to assist you. and improve your smile!