Microscope-Assisted Endodontics in Boston

One of the most common dental procedures is a root canal or endodontic therapy. Root canals allow the dentist to remove any decay from inside your tooth and save the tooth instead of requiring an extraction. One of the newest procedures being offered is microscope-assisted endodontics, also known as micro-endodontics.

Microscope-Assisted Endodontics
At Dental Partners of Boston, we use the most advanced technologies available to make your treatment easy and effective.

What is Microscope-Assisted Endodontics?

When a tooth becomes severely decayed or damaged, it creates openings for bacteria to grow on the inner parts of the tooth. If the nerves or blood vessels inside the tooth become damaged by the bacteria, the tooth will become painful. If you begin to experience this pain, we can perform a root canal (endodontic treatment) and attempt to save the tooth. Micro-endodontics involves using a microscope, which allows us to see more detail than we would be able to with the naked eye. A few of the key reasons for choosing microscope-assisted endodontics include:

Who Benefits From Endodontic Microsurgery?

Not everyone who gets a root canal will require this special procedure. In most cases a simple root canal can fix the problem, but there are people who require the extra care of a microscope to ensure the best possible results.

Choosing Microscope-Assisted Endodontics

In many cases, microscope-assisted endodontic procedures can be used to save the function and hopefully the form of the natural tooth. This method leads to less complications and nearly eliminates the causes of persistent infection. Even when a traditional root canal treatment has failed, micro-endodontics can be a viable option for retreatment.

If you are interested in finding out more about the many advantages of microscope-assisted endodontics, please make an appointment or contact our Boston endodontics office today.