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At Dental Partners of Boston, we believe that dentistry is all about you. Our experienced and state of the art team includes some of the best dentists in Boston, including specialists who work together to ensure each patient receives exemplary dental care. Because we have a variety of specialists in one office this means that every patient gets an exceptional, customized treatment plan. You will benefit from having a collaboration between all of our dedicated specialists. Our commitment to excellence sets us apart from other Boston dentist offices.

Together all of us at Dental Partners of Boston have a goal to restore health to your teeth, gums, and jaw. Our dental services are designed with you in mind and will attend to every need that you and your family have. Our dynamic approach creates an environment where our dentists work together to give you a healthier and beautiful smile. Together we will come up with an individual treatment plan that focuses on your personal needs.

Our patient reviews are very important to us. They are crucial to helping our office grow and continue improving as well. Reviews allows us to have active, positive participation with you, our patients, and gives others a solid foundation to learn more about our practice and how we strive to improve your smile. It’s important to us that you leave reviews and is even more important to us that you are satisfied with your experience at one of our dental offices. Reviews are the primary way we know how your experience was for you.

The reviews given of us help us to better understand and serve you. Of course we love to hear that our patient’s experienced a pleasant visit but it is also important to us if you didn’t have the experience you wanted or expected at our office. These reviews allow us to better serve you more quickly, efficiently and in resolving any issues that you may have. This creates a positive experience that will help both our patients and us.

From general dentistry to cosmetic dentistry we cover it all. You need a dental practice to go to that will help you with all your dental care needs. Basic checkups and exams are necessary to your dental health. While it may seem simple, keeping up with your general dentistry needs are vital for the health of your teeth.

Jessica L. rated us with 5 stars and said, “Very easy and flexible scheduling with early morning and evening appointments. Everyone was very friendly and didn’t make me feel bad that it had been way too long since I’d been to the dentist. Instead, the focus was on the future and solving problems which I really appreciated. Definitely would recommend to other.”

Some issues can be a little more complicated. Whatever the need may be you can rest assured we can help solve it.

Kathy R. had an experience a little more complicated. She gave us 5 stars and said, “...My procedure involved 5 implants and a few healthy teeth removal because of an accident that caused a concussion and a fractured eye tooth. Dr. Kim and Dr. Guzman were so informative, professional and very gentle and caring doctors. They kept me informed every step of the way and always were mindful that there was a ‘person’ within the teeth procedure. They kept reassuring and explaining every step of the way. In addition to the expertise of Dr. Kim and Dr. Guzman were the exceptional care and attention to detail by their medical assistants…

Curtis F. rated us with 5 stars and said, “DPB (Dental Partners of Boston) is a well run operation. Dr. Wright has been amazing even coming in on the weekend to repair a displaced temporary crown. She is everything you want in a professional. Great attention to detail, never rushes, always upbeat, and explains what she is doing.”

Joann G. rated us with 5 stars and said, “I have never met a friendlier staff. From the moment that you check in to the moment you check out there is someone there greeting you with a smile.”

Silvia O. rated us with 5 stars and said, “I appreciate Dr. Mojica’s concern and support in my continuous treatment. She explains every step in detail and is guiding me in the best direction for my dental upkeep and possible improvement options. I feel understood and listened to.

Because we have a number of experienced specialists we can help and treat any concern that you may have. Whether it is a simple exam, being up to date with your preventative dentistry or a cosmetic fix we have you covered and we are here to personalize your care and make you feel listened to and appreciated as a patient.

We are grateful for all the patients that we have. Without you we wouldn’t be able to do what we love every day. We love meeting all of you and working to give you a healthier smile. Schedule an appointment with us today to start your new smile!