Custom Crowns In One Visit With CEREC Technology

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Have you ever benefited from CEREC technology? It’s pretty amazing. Here at Dental Partners of Boston, our patients have access to the best in modern dentistry, and our CEREC system is an excellent example of the convenience and functionality that brings.

Crowns Previously Took A Couple Of Visits

Once upon a time, dental crowns (and other restorations) took a couple of visits. At the first appointment, we’d take an impression of your tooth and fit you with a temporary crown, then send you on your way.

While you wore the temporary crown, we would send the impression to a dental lab. There, they would craft a ceramic crown perfectly fitted to your mouth. When we got the new, permanent crown back, we would set up another appointment with you to replace the temporary crown with your permanent crown.

Now, We Can Create Your Permanent Crown In Our Office

Now, with our in-office CEREC restorations, we can skip the lab, and all that extra time you spend going back and forth. Our machine uses 3D technology to create a perfectly-fitting permanent crown while you wait! No second visit, no temporary crown.

We Believe In Providing The Best For Our Patients

We’re dedicated to providing you with the newest technology and highest quality care. That’s why we utilize CEREC restorations to help your visit go smoother and get you back to health and functionality quicker.

If you have any questions about this or any other technology that we utilize in our office, ask us!

Thanks for being a valued part of our practice. We appreciate you!

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