What is Endodontics?

As is the case with any other field of healthcare, dentistry can be split into many different categories. Endodontics is a specialty that only 3% of professional dentists are qualified in. But what does an endodontist actually do? How can endodontics support you in greater control of your oral health? What Endodontics Is Endodontics focuses […]

What To Do In A Dental Emergency

All kinds of accidents can happen at home, work, sports, and while you’re on the go. Some of these accidents might impact your teeth. It’s important to know what to do and how to respond if you do find yourself dealing with an unexpected dental emergency. Acting fast and taking the right steps can have […]

What is a Prosthodontic Dentist?

Because your smile is so important, when teeth need extra restorative measures, dentists usually refer patients to a Prosthodontic Dentist. We can learn what a Prosthodontic Dentist does by breaking down the name: “prosthesis” means “an addition” or “an attachment” and “odont” has to do with teeth. The suffix “-ist” is the person, so they […]

Can I Keep My Wisdom Teeth?

At Dental Partners of Boston, we are your Boston dentist that offers a variety of different oral hygiene services.We can provide procedures such as wisdom teeth extraction. We know that many of our patients have questions about wisdom teeth removal and if this is a procedure that needs to be done for them. Many of […]

Teeth in a Day in Boston

Is it possible to have a tooth removed and new one placed in the same day? Dr. Guzman can make this happen with modern treatment methods allowing for teeth in a day. At Dental Partners of Boston, we care about long-term solutions to enhance our patients smiles. Our solutions are designed to bring you a […]

What is a Periodontist?

At Dental Partners of Boston, we offer a wide range of dental health care services. This includes periodontal services. Periodontal care is all about taking care of and keeping your gums healthy. There is more to oral hygiene than just keeping teeth clean. The gums and the bones in your jaw that support your teeth […]

Why You Should Brush Your Tongue

Dental Partners of Boston offers a variety of dental services as your Boston dentist. We have periodontal, orthodontics, and general dental health care services. Our staff is friendly and professional and will take the time to listen to your individual concerns and help you with your oral hygiene concerns. We also want to help our […]

Pinhole Surgery; A Solution for Receeding Gums

When you look at your smile, are your gums neatly lining the crowns of your teeth? If they have started to pull back, you might be suffering from the early stages of gum recession, which is when the gum tissue recedes from the natural gum line. Caused by everything from aggressive brushing and certain medications […]

Your Tongue: A Diagnostic Tool for Oral Issues

Dental Partners of Boston wants to give each one of our patients the best care possible. This means we also try to help our patients with tips on how to maintain great oral hygiene in their daily lives. While of course this includes brushing and flossing daily, there are also other important things to know […]

Protect Your Teeth This Summer

At Dental Partners of Boston, we do our best to give our patients tips on how to maintain good oral hygiene throughout the year. We want our patients to incorporate smart, safe practices related to their dental health in their day to day lives. This is the best way to have long-lasting, far-reaching positive oral […]