Invisalign vs. Braces

If you missed the “braces train” when you were in middle school, you may be wondering if it’s too late for you to get straighter teeth as an adult. Cosmetic dentistry has you covered, because, to be quite frank, you may be sick of your crooked smile! At Dental Partners of Boston, we want to […]

Everything You Need to Know About Crowns

Are you dissatisfied with how your teeth look? Do not despair. We have a great solution for you. You are going to find plenty of tooth restoration options when you visit us at Dental Partners of Boston. Our best dentists in Boston offer numerous prosthetic devices to correct your smile. What’s more, we help patients […]

Happy Thanksgiving

It’s hard to believe that the year has only one month left, and soon 2022 will be over. We have so much to be glad for in our practice, our amazing patients being the most important. We have learned and grown, and we are giving thanks, indeed. Please contact us for information about the services […]

Fix Your Broken Tooth with Dental Bonding

Teeth can be broken by chewing on hard candy or ice. They can also be broken in an accident or sports injury. Fortunately, dental bonding is a procedure of cosmetic dentistry that provides a quick and inexpensive solution to chips, cracks, or broken teeth. What Is Dental Bonding? Dental bonding is a cosmetic solution to […]

Can Whitening Remove Stains on Your Teeth?

Do you ever feel like your smile could use a teeth whitening boost? Dental staining and discoloration can happen for a lot of reasons, often from the foods and drinks you love. Everything from pigmented spices to wine to that daily coffee or tea habit may be making your pearly whites look less than pristine. […]

5 Tips for Whiter Teeth

Everyone loves the look of a perfectly white smile, but achieving that appearance can be tricky. Cosmetic dentistry provides the following tips to help you to not only make your teeth a little whiter but also to keep them that way. 1. Attend Regular Dental Checkups During a dental checkup, the dentist uses tools to […]