What Is A Denture Reline?

Have you got existing dentures? Maybe you are considering getting some soon to resolve a few dental issues? During your research on the subject of dentures, you will have no doubt come across a term known as a “denture reline.”

You may also be wondering whether this is likely to apply to you. In any case, we at Dental Partners of Boston would like to talk about denture reline Boston treatments and how they might apply to your teeth. Here is what you need to know:

The need for a denture reline

When it comes to denture reline treatments, it’s important you understand why you might need them and how they get carried out. Of course, as a professional team of dental experts, you can depend on Dental Partners of Boston to give you a comprehensive rundown of denture relines during your appointments, and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you have.

For the purposes of this article, let’s first discuss why you might need a denture reline treatment. In a nutshell, a denture reline is a form of cosmetic dental restorative work that aims to bridge the gaps between two or more missing teeth. As you might expect, dentures offer certain benefits like an enhanced dental appearance and improved oral health.

But, dentures will sometimes need readjusting to ensure high comfort levels and to eradicate pain caused by sore spots. Instead of getting a completely new set of dentures, the goal of denture reline treatment is to modify your existing dentures so they offer a better fit on your teeth and gums.

Denture relines are more cost-effective than having brand new dentures made up. Plus, a denture reline is a quick and straightforward process. Contact us to book an appointment today to find out how a denture reline could improve your existing dentures.

The three types of denture relines

If the dentist you meet with recommends a denture reline treatment, you should know that there are three distinct types available. The one that he or she will recommend to you will depend on your individual circumstances.

The first type, a “soft” denture reline, is a form of temporary denture realignment. The process is ideal for patients who perhaps have new dentures and are finding they can’t wear them because of tender gums.

Secondly, we have “hard” denture relines. This is where a more permanent solution gets proposed for your dentures. We at Dental Partners of Boston advise our patients to have hard denture relines if it’s been a while since they last saw us about their dentures. The treatment ensures that each patient’s dentures are still a perfect, pain-free fit.

Last, but not least, we have “temporary” denture relines. We recommend this option to patients that have had the same dentures for several years and are experiencing a lot of pain and raised gums. The temporary dentures contain medicated materials to ease the swelling while offering a pliable layer between gums, teeth, and dentures.

Do you need denture relines?

If you feel you might need denture relines, please request an appointment for a consultation today.

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