Dental Botox Treatments: Safe and Effective

There is a revolutionary new application of Botox injections to help patients fix their smile, eliminate the tension of tooth grinding, and help with TMJ. Dental Botox is safe, effective, and regulated by the FDA for treating frown lines.

Dental Box Treatments
At Dental Partners of Boston, we help you perfect every part of you smile, from your teeth and gums to the skin around your mouth.

Who Uses Dental Botox Treatment?

Overall, our patients have been very happy with their dental Botox treatments. Here is what the numbers are saying:

  • Our cosmetic dental Botox treatment is the #1 selling product of its kind in the world.
  • Our Botox treatment has been used 11 million times for frown lines since 2002.
  • Our Botox treatment has been approved in 78 countries for use.
  • Approximately 9 out of 10 of our patients are willing to tell their family and friends about our treatments.

If you’re nervous about getting Botox treatments around your mouth, don’t be. Our patients are happy with their treatments, and report a high level of satisfaction.

Safe, Simple, and Effective: What You Need to Know About Our Cosmetic Treatments

Our cosmetic Botox treatments are safe and effective, backed by a high level of patient satisfaction. There are, however, a few minimal risks with Botox treatments:

  • You can’t have an infection at the site of the treatment.
  • There are some common side effects, such as eyelid drooping or swelling.
  • You may also notice dry mouth, discomfort, blurred vision, and allergic reactions.

Before setting an appointment for Botox treatment, you will need to provide your doctor and treatment specialist with a full medical history. ALS and other muscle/nerve conditions can complicate Botox treatment. Pregnancy can also complicate a Botox treatment, so let your doctor know if you are or are planning to become pregnant.

Botox treatments can work wonders for your mouth. Botox treatments can adjust your lip shape, helping sculpt your smile. It can also help alleviate tension headaches and get rid of wrinkles around your face.